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Screw it with more slots, lets make modules cost less!

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Ok, so this idea is kinda unpolished, but heres what i got.

Most of the underused modules should have their slot cost reduced by one, with possible stacking efficiency decrease (like with speed 2.0 module stacking)

The "underused modules" would firstly be heat, freeze and beequeen one. As much convenient as they might seem, they are actually pretty bad when we compare them to, probably, the best module combo right now, which is speed 2.0 + night vision. This way, people would be willing to sacrifice night vision or speed for one or several of underused modules.

Other modules are the ones that practically NOBODY uses. These would be electrification and illumination modules. Making electrification module cost one is overall a great thing, because nobody would ever use it for two, and because it then gives us another one cost module, besides health one. Light for 3 is a good alternative for night vision for 4 if you want an extra slot.

Sanity and hunger modules might need to have their 1 cost versions, like health module does. Not sure if you would need to buff existing ones, or make 1 costs weaker though.

Last module that i want to change is the chorus box module. It is very unpractical as it takes up 3 slots, same as heat/freeze/beequeen modules, and provides very minor benefits - sanity regen to you and people around you, plant tending and nice ragtime music. Making it cost two might make it a bit viable, but i suggest reworking it altogether.

Please give me your suggestions regarding this idea, as i see at as a very unpolished one

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Id rather they nerf the speed and nightvision combo to make the other options tempting. 

Id remove acceleration 2.0, then make the default acceleration unit 3 slots and adjust the movement speed percentage. I dont think there needs to be 2 speed units.

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I agree, I think 6 slots is a nice elegant number, allowing some visually pleasing combos, like a 4/2 pin, or three 3 pins. Plus, it means you can't just have the perfect build for everything, you need to make actual choices sometimes, which I know is something that the fourmites hate. But, you can also just slap 3 speed circuits into them and play like that if you want, nothings stopping you. You can have some real variation in playstyles, which I quite like, keeps things interesting.

I think it's the best way to deal with the overpowered overcharge, splitting it up so you can pick and choose what you want for the situation. The only real change I would make, other than than exact pin counts for the circuits, is maybe an upgraded form of the circuit remover item. Maybe using ruins stuff to let you take out the top most circuit instead of all at once. Or have it be a lunar thing to tie into their lunar fascination. 

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Completely agree, 6 is enough but many of the circuits need their pins reduced. Specially the hunger, sanity and health regen ones which with the current stats nobody will use.

I think the electrification one needs its numbers tweaked, perhaps without cooldown and dealing bonus damage to wet creatures. 

The light one should also have its pins reduced by one (or even 2) since even though it seems cool on pen and paper it’s really not great compared to Nightvision. 

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