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Suggestion for the Acceleration 2.0 Circuit scan options

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As it stands, in order to get the Acceleration 2.0 Circuit’s recipe, you need to scan a rook or the Ancient Guardian. I really do love the mobs they chose for the circuit recipe, but I feel like there could be other, equally challenging scan options for the circuit.

No, I’m not talking about being too scared to venture out to ruins, I don’t think any experienced WX player would be. I’m more talking about the unavailability of the two options once both of them are… dead. No longer able to be scanned. I know a FW kill could easily solve this issue, but that in itself isn’t really an easy task. 

How about expanding the scan options for the circuit? Some ideas I had were


• Fully tamed rider beefalo. (Arguably equally, if not more challenging than the other options, not to mention more accessible if said other options are gone.)

• Gobbler. (While seeming thousands of times easier than the rook or AG scan, chasing down and scanning a gobbler sounds kinda fun, and maybe even a little bit of a challenge, knowing how surprisingly fast the berry thieves are.)


(unless you have a gobbler farm, then the whole challenge part is completely ruined.)

• Enraged Moslings (Sort of challenge based, but really more of a time constraint, similar to the Refrigeration or Gastroexpansion circuit. Still, could be a nice reward for newer players surviving winter, and a reason for experienced players to fight Moose/Goose.


Honestly, I just want to be able to get the Acceleration 2.0 circuit without doing a reset. That being said, I’d still wholeheartedly agree that this circuit should be locked behind a sort of challenge, as it’s clearly one of WX’s strongest ones. A circuit like this one shouldn’t be given out freely by scanning something common like a Koalaphant or Untamed Beefalo.

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So many people have asked for this when it completely fits WX-78 players, I don't believe that if you join a server during first few days that someone would fully clear ruins.

Also as players adapt to the changes they will leave a clockwork rook even if they clear ruins just so WX-78 players can scan it.

Adding an option to scan fully tamed rider beefalo wouldn't be bad idea as that is even harder.

Gobbler can be frozen/put to sleep and it is much easier to do, i would literally just wall one off as soon as possible and just keep scanning him over and over again, you would literally be able to switch Acc 2.0 circuits as much as you want if you keep gobbler in your base.

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