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[Suggestion] Ancient Guardian Boss theme

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I mean, only bosses you can fight in the Ruins are Treeguard, Spider Queen, Reanimated Skeleton, Ancient Fuelweaver, and Ancient Guardian. Ancient Fuelweaver has his own theme and the first 3 you would be very very unlikely to fight in the ruins so you only really hear the Ruins boss theme from Ancient Guardian and Shadow Pieces. I think it's fine as is, honestly.

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20 minutes ago, Cassielu said:

It almost already has one, and that one is perfect.

I encounter often the problem of the music fadin away and restarting during the boss fight costantly. I would be satisfied to be it at least like Dragonfly, Bee Queen, ecc... where the music is in the arena.


11 minutes ago, Capybara007 said:

i would be more up to shadow pieces boss theme, it would make the ruins theme more unique

I would be fine too with this idea. 

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49 minutes ago, SomebodyRandom said:

It plays for Shadow Pieces and every boss you fight while in the Ruins that doesn't already have a theme.

Oh yeah, totally forgot about Shadow Pieces.

Poor AG, doesn't have his own theme.

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