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some idles for skins dont make any sense

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i cant believe i did this. this has probably already been talked about, but:

so the left and right idle animations are the same, right? well this tends to annoy me for some character skins. skins like The Unfinished do that and it doesn't make sense because when you look to the left, you see the open side of WX's unfinished head. does that make sense? probably not, im just some guy rambling on the internet. just look at the images and you'll see what I mean. maybe.



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Unfortunately yeah, it's an engine limitation right now.
It's why you don't see an insane amount of Asymmetrical skins or items. You'll notice there's no asymmetrical hand or leg items either for this reason as well.
Characters arms/legs/side-views are flipped! It's to save on insane amounts of animation. 

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