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Expansion 2 Idea: Deep Dive ( Ocean )

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I think the next one should do a completely new style of gameplay - Building a Colony Under the Ocean Floor - yet you don't start underwater.

You start off on top of an island and need to go down. 

Then you build various Under water stations along the way until you hit the Floor. 


The Deeper you go - the more advanced materials you need to sustain the pressure. 

Instead of "Digging" as the main mechanic in other games instead your Duplicants "fish" or "harvest" resources.

Resources can be harvested from Floating Wreckage ( magically floats in the water not on the surface of the water ) 

Or by Floating underwater islands ( again these islands are in the water not floating on surface ) 

Supplies traded with Merfollk NPC

Special Fish like Iron Fish \ Obsidian Fish \ Etc. 


New Mechanic is player made tiles can be damaged by Wild Life - so the biggest issue is going to be constant power. With new Generator - Electric Eel Fishtank. Its a Fish tank with electric Eels that produce current. These Eels can also be used as an early defense to shafts with Eel Defense cages.

Just like Algea Oxygen Generator - constantly needs Algea, Eel Generators constantly need food.



Simulating a ton of water would take a lot of PC power - unless of course you cheat.

  • Activated Ocean Water Tile 
  • Animated Ocean Water Tile 

A real simple way to do that is to change how water works on the ocean world. Normally all the water tiles apply physics in the base game. Ocean you have to accept is "infinite"  so only the tiles next to custom made tiles by the player actually need physics applied. 

[1] [2] [3]

[4] [5] [6]

[7] [8] [9]

If a player build on Tile 1. It activates only tile 2. Because Air pressure in the tube should prevent tile 4 from pushing water up.

If a player builds on Tile 1 and 4 only takes 2 and 5 would be activated. 

Once a wall is put on Tiles 1 and 4 - Tiles 2 and 5 are switched to animated tiles. This way you don't need to constantly track that information as the tiles are always considered "infinite" in quantity, yet is "destroyed" when the tile is placed. 

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Wonderful ideas :p @Suit

In the past I asked for diving suits, snorkels, scuba gear and...a submarine! 

This time I would like to add Dolphins. Dupes can ride on Dolphins for up to 50 tile diving. A mini sub can be built for +50 tile deep diving and also a big nuclear submarine can be constructed, the "Nautilus le Dupus". It can carry up to 12 dupes, +100 tiles deep. It is good for catching sea creatures, like the "Kwak Super Kraken" and the "FPS Monster". For relaxation the dupes can ride the waves with surf hover boards :D

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I liked a lot of ideas but just not the ocean part. Ill be more specific. 

Good stuff

Different fish farms and stations. 

New critters what about shearable fish scales or sea dragons etc. 

Fishing stations this idea is even cooler if you can only install them into like "Magic lakes" that spawn in more than one asteroid and each of them has some sort of New fish to be added and they produce eggs but we cant make them hatch at all "forced omelete production" and the only way to have more of them is to fish more to refill the ranch. 

Fishfolk to trade is nice any trade may have good results for oni really. 


Bad points

Structures being damaged by wild life. 

All the suggest ocean tiles etc just dont seem to fit oni at all something like submarines or plastic water tunnels would maybe work better and easier to implement? 

And maybe dupes would need some sort of dive suits that works like the flying ones we have but underwater only. 


Helping to grow your idea. 

Buildings that need to be fully submerge to work seems nice too, especially New research stations focused on fishs and other underwater stuffs? 

To make it enjoyable we would need fully functional underwater geysers or underwater mines to extract raw minerals/metals using special mining drills like we do with oil reservoirs, this also fills a super needed niche that is acquiring raw metal outside just rockets but i can see this being ignored with no problem to avoid turning rockets obsolete late game. 

We need more comments here to fish for more ideas eheh. 

Happy life for you all. 



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There are good ideas, but I think you should think of the next DLC as being intertwined with base game and/or vanilla, not just separate ocean game mod. Ocean ideas (critters, buildings, NPCs) are fine, but the core gameplay should be the same. I mean - your DLC should work as well if the player started in forest biome.

I love the electric eel generator idea. And more application for shearing station is always a good idea 

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