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New meal request: Hamburger ( Hamberders )

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Do you mean the Frost Bun`s ? I don`t know if its possible to learn new recipes in the game ? Any info on that would be great :razz:  Perhaps I never noticed more recipes because I so far never built a Gas Range :confused:

These are the current meals I can make with the electric grill:


Your post made be curious for the Gas Range ! If there is a Frost Burger in the game...and the new burger should look like this...


...then I would say it shall be a chilly spicy hot burger :lol::congratulatory::beguiled: A true hot hot hot Hamberder :adoration:

Need to investigate on the Gas Range :cheerful: Should have one built in a thousand cycles or so.

image.png.b93f147a576d19f42117246a744d584e.png Never had a gas range so far @NeoDeusMachina

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1 minute ago, NeoDeusMachina said:

Nope, frost burgers. They do require frost buns though, with lettuce and barbecue iirc. Try making a gas range - but first remember to start your space program. Don't get side-tracked!!! :wilson_wink:

Hehehe, knowing me...I want to get big in to the gas range business in 1000-2000 cycles ! :lol: Many thanks for bringing the cold themed burger and the gas range cooker up. :razz:

Rat Burger

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