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Will the "always unlock on items thing" be in final game?


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Hey, first off... loved mark of the ninja and now u release in my second favorit genre. Just a question, i love how u unlock things with science... but half of the game seems to be "gone" second playthru since u got all unlocked from earlier.

Is there a alternative, say hardcore mode, were u always have to unlock everything? Is this something u could look into, i understand that the more casual gamers would like the "always unlocked" alternative since ur progress dosent go away n u dont have to put as much time in every time... but plz, add the other alternativ for us "hardcore" gamers, i love Dwarven fortress cuz it dosent do u any favors.

Thx for a great survival game, really looking forward toward the finished product

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I unlocked everything on my first run, without exploiting the grave bug, so yes, it is possible.

I am mixed about the unlocks, on one hand, you sure have a lot more to do when you have to research everything new on a new game, but... its so increadible convenient to have golden tools right from the start...

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Kevin was talking about a major revamp of the whole RP system, possibly even doing away with it entirely in favor of a different style of unlocks that relies on building placeables, so it is difficult to speculate what will carry over between lives on the final build.

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