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  1. Tonight's death, on day 12, was from a tree guard coming into my camp at night. I tried my axe, I tried my spear, I even tried a torch, but nothing seemed to slow him down and I was afraid to run off into the night where the Grues live....
  2. Ah that's good to know. I was kind of wanting a new world but didn't want to lose all my research. Thank you!
  3. My last death: I decided to make my first straw hat. Just as I clap it onto my noggin, the firepit goes out and... I realize I used every bit of grass I had for that darned hat. So now I'm in the dark and I get eaten by the Grue... lol
  4. If you generate a whole new world do the unlocks still come with you?
  5. Bought the game tonight. My first death was on Day 2 when I poked a spider nest to see what would happen. Second death was on Day 13 when I was gathering lumber and angered an Ent, and instead of running away I stupidly tried to fight him, first with a spear and then with an axe. Neither seemed to bother him much.