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  1. It's actually quite easy. Just use the search bar on the top right, type in "backpack" and 29 threads pop up.
  2. Eh, I think grinding is awful. And I think the devs agree, they are already thinking about redoing the current research system.
  3. Nerf berry bush needed ?

    Great ideas, I completely agree.
  4. Dealing with Spiders?

    I like doing it at night so I have something to do, but your suggestion works too.
  5. Dealing with Spiders?

    I wait until dark, setup a campfire near their nest and then pick them off one by one. Spider eggs drop from the bigger spider nests.
  6. No bait rabbit hunting

    I disagree, traps take more time to set up and more resources to make.
  7. Does flint respawn?

    The lack a flint was only a small problem until I was able to make a luxury axe. Personally, I think they should cut down on the amount of flint on the map and just make tools last longer.
  8. I kind of agree with this, but are there enough resources on the map in one playthrough to unlock everything? The current system kinda promotes grinding, especially if you know where the boulders are located on the map you are playing.