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Balancing World-Hopping

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Everytime I world-hop, I get the feeling that the entire balance of my world is upsetted, and not only that, it feels like the entire feeling of the world has been destroyed, and I would always invariably end up deleting the slot a bit later. Does anyone else also find world-hopping not only unbalanced but very destructive to the mood of the game? Maybe it's simply because I hop from Hamlet and that the Hamlet DLC is the one where scarcity of resources really presents itself as a challenge. I've ended up not doing any world-hopping at all.

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I get the same feeling! I love to work hard and advance to the point where I can world hop, and I have a whole mental checklist of things I want to bring with me, etc etc. And then I do, and I can basically make a home base on day 10 ... and it just destroys the mood completely. There's no more work to be done, nothing to overcome, and I end up deleting the save.    


I almost always play the first few years in a world, and then just move onto a new save. The constant advancement and challenge is what I love about this game, and when it gets easy, it gets boring. Maybe one day I'll make a mega-base though, and completely reform the world as my own.  


You obviously have DLC (awesome-sauce!) ... but have you tried the original challenges in DS? Adventure Mode is fun. And since we have so many characters now, it helps with the challenge by limiting our abilities. You can also play Lights Out Mode, which is a whole different thing in and of itself. 

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I think world-hopping is almost entirely intended for mega-basers. For example you can build a beautiful pig village in the tropical setting of shipwrecked, complete with thulecite walls, houndii shootii and other stuff from RoG; or you can add to your Hamlet city a zoo that, apart from peagawks, hippopotameese, pangoldens, etc. also contains a Doydoy pen and a slurper pen, for example.

But yeah, linking DLCs makes each one of them much easier, of course. Having bee boxes in Hamlet, for example, completely annihilates the challenge of killing snapteeth and taking their nectar into the mant hills. Same with normal spider webs.

I think the whole point of this entire franchise is to go from just barely surviving to ruling over your world like a king without a worry in the world, and then getting creative. This is true even without world hopping: the difficulty of Hamlet seriously falls off after day 60. To me, that's good design: you might not want to sit on the edge of your seat forever, at some point it is quite nice to enjoy the spoils of your frantic labour at the beginning.

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On 12/9/2021 at 6:44 PM, Leonidas IV said:

As the game is not competitive, if you think it is unbalanced, it's just not to use it (as you mentioned)

Yeah pretty much, hamlet is super easy once you have the key to the city and executive hammer (which can both be obtained in less than the first 10 days) and building/hammering the mineral exchange over and over, but who would do that in more than one world after you realise it removes all challange?


I think world hopping is great, It's meant for mega bases and stuff.

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