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[Game Update] - 11104


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Update (Xbox One - released November 18, 2021)

They sure don’t make planes of existence like they used to. One teensy little mishap has plunged the world of Terraria into rather... constant danger, and is terrarizing the Constant like nothing before! Survivors and Terrarians alike will have to keep a watchful eye out… after all, who knows what might slip through the cracks when two worlds collide?


  • Added Terraria content. Key features: 
    • The Terrarium, which can be found hidden somewhere in the world.
    • The Eye of Terror, which can be defeated to obtain Milky Whites and the Eye Mask.
    • The Twins of Terror, which can be defeated to obtain the Shield of Terror.
    • The Suspicious Peeper and the Friendly Peeper.
    • Two new Crock Pot recipes, Frozen Banana Daiquiri and Bunny Stew.
    • New boss statues.
    • Terraria-themed World Settings and World Generation presets for the Forest and the Caves.
    • Terraria-themed skins.
  • Fixed missing sounds of Poison Birchnut Tree and Birchnutters.

An Eye for An Eye
A crossover collaboration with Re-Logic's Terraria.

A while back during a Reddit AMA to Celebrate Terraria's 10th Anniversary, Re-Logic was asked a simple question. If they could collaborate with any other game franchise, what game would it be? To our surprise and excitement, Don't Starve Together was mentioned in response.

A short while later we reached out to see if this was something they would be interested in, and off we went. Immediately - and I mean, immediately, both teams started spitting out ideas for what we could do and quickly figured out how to work around our planned schedules to make it happen.

For both teams, we saw this opportunity not just as a fun diversion between two studios but also something we thought our fans would really get a kick out of. It was also important that these experiences be additive to our respective games and authentic to each game's design goals.

For the DST Team, we absolutely knew that if we were going to do this crossover any justice we absolutely had to bring a boss (or two?) to the Constant. And, of course, we can't miss the opportunity to put our spin on a bunch of their coolest items.

Eye Wonder
Somewhere in the game world, survivors may come across the mysterious Terrarium setpiece which will allow players to encounter the Eye of Terror boss, (Terraria's Eye of Cthulu - as seen through the lens of the Constant) complete with its own Terraria inspired theme music.

For our seasoned survivors, the Twins of Terror can be summoned for an added challenge. Each boss has its own unique eye-catching equipment item, and we've also added new statues of these bosses to show off your triumphs.


Peep this
We've added a spect-ocular new critter for you to watch over, a new food item to fulfill your survivor's dairy needs, and we have a couple of new crockpot recipes for you to feast your eyes on as well.


Constant Style
We have introduced several Terraria item skins into Don't Starve Together as well as a 3 piece character set inspired by Terraria's traveling merchant. Exclusive to the "An Eye for an Eye" update, these skins are definitely out of this world. These item skins cannot be purchased and can only be woven with spool. I hope you have been saving up!


Get 'em while they're hot!
Of course, we can't have a bunch of new skins without giving some away, so for a limited time log in to receive the Terrarized chest with 6 free elegant skins! Yep, 6. This login bonus chest will be available for all players to claim until our next update in December.


A Note from the team at Klei:
Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank Re-Logic. Terraria is an amazing game that so many of us, players and developers alike have drawn inspiration from. Thank you for such a great game that has given us so many hours of enjoyment.

The team over at Re-Logic have been absolutely fantastic to work with all the way through this collaboration. It can be a challenge working with new people and figuring out how to get into the groove of a new project, but with Re-Logic we all just hit the ground running and had a blast sharing designs and ideas. Every step of the way both teams shared so much enthusiasm and excitement over what each team was bringing to the update and we are so grateful for the opportunity to bring this to our players. Thank you.


Terraria is available for purchase on Xbox! Get it now on the Xbox Marketplace.


The team debated long and hard about the best way to bring the gameplay dynamics of Don't Starve Together into Terraria in a fun and clever way. Rather than having a standalone "event" (as we did with Dungeon Defenders 2), we decided to utilize the World Seed functionality present in Journey's End to create a more holistic Don't Starve x Terraria experience. What awaits you should you dare to explore The Constant?


Don't Starve Inspired Shaders and Lighting


Stay in the Light! Total Darkness is Hazardous to your Health!

Feed your Hunger with Tasty Food... or Face the Consequences!

Don't Starve Inspired Worldgen

To explore this new way to play Terraria, Don't Starve Together style, simply enter "The Constant" as your world seed upon creating a new world. Good luck, Terrarians!



You can summon this terrifying foe in the cold climate of the Ice Biome. What awaits you in this fight? Well... you will have to wait and see for yourselves!



New Tools & Weapons - Including Lucy the Axe


New Pets & Summons


Chester - A Pet that Functions As a Piggy Bank


Together we are worked through Klei's merchandise partners at FreshMerch on this series of crossover merchandise items, using the key art for this update! Click the images below to check out and pick up anything that catches your eye!


Check it out here: https://klei.gg/MerchTerrariaDST

Oh, and one last thing:



Check out the original forum post for more details!

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