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Which character should receive the next refresh?

Who should get the next refresh?  

175 members have voted

  1. 1. Who?

    • WX-78
    • Wickerbottom
    • Maxwell
    • Wilson

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On 10/25/2021 at 9:29 AM, ArubaroBeefalo said:

Why people forget about winona? She should get her 382th rework and maybe this time klei will give her perks

This is sadly too....

1 hour ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

Blue screen if overheats

I WANT IT NOOWWWWWWWW!!!! :wilson_horror:

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On 10/24/2021 at 1:57 PM, Mike23Ua said:

If you want my honest opinion: I think we shouldn’t be voting on who the next rework should be Just yet… We should first see what changes Klei does to Wolfgang, and I suspect that many people who used to main him for him being stupidly good with high damage and fast movement speed with his only downside being “must eat more” those players aren’t going to be main’ing with him anymore if he even becomes even “mildly” more complex to play..

They're not going to like when the games residential Superman gets hit with some hard Kryptonite, and as long as it adds to his LORE and Makes sense, I’m fine with any improvements/buffs/Nerfs they change with him.

However- Wolfgangs rework is going to be what is known as a “Ripple Effect” (you’d have to play Smite or Apex Legends to understand fully what this means)

People use Wolfgang currently for his stupid raw power, that’s it.. that’s the only thing he does, hit harder.. move faster, get fights over and done with in half the time.

But when his inevitable rework brings him back down to a fair playing field with everyone else (such as making him slightly stronger but removing the Flashes speed Bonus) people will have to find new ways to play as the Meat Head or *Gasp* Worse- Play as a different character because of his changes.

Aka- the Ripple Effect, WHAT Klei changes about Wolfgang will determine what needs to change about Wilson, Maxwell, Wicker & WX78.

If Wolfgang gets the “Wes Treatment” and has his total health points brought down, then it’s only fair that the overpowered GOD that is 400hp WX78 gets brought back down with him.

Otherwise: you’ll end up with former Wolfgang mains starting to play WX78 because the changes Klei made to Wolfgang made WX78 better.

Its like how in Apex Legends every season my favorite character Wraith has been hit with a hard nerf… and now- Other characters do what she USED TO DO but those other characters do it better than she ever was able to.

THAT is a Ripple Effect.

Its like playing Jenga.. you have to carefully remove a block from the bottom of the tower and place it on top- Without having the entire tower crumble to the ground.

The TL:DR- Let’s wait to see what changes (if anything) about Wolfgang, before we focus on who gets reworked next.

Otherwise: You run the extremely high risk of the ripple effect.

Wolfgang will most likely just get the Wigfrid treatment. No nerfs just a tab that adds ways for him to help others and ofc lore.

On 10/24/2021 at 3:49 PM, Mike23Ua said:

I think people aren’t grasping onto the concept of ripple effect too well- let me provide an example: If let’s say Wolfgang gets reworked in December and part of that update allows him to Carry heavy objects with no movement speed penalty- this would obviously extend to being able to wear Marble Armor without any movement penalty- in this Scenario: Taking his Movement speed buff completely out of the game sounds like a logic Nerf for him.

Because: Let’s do keep in Mind that Klei also reduced the crafting costs of Marble Armor from 12 down to 6 so you get Twice as Many Marble Armors as you used to, and with no slowed movement- He doesn’t also need to zip around like he’s the Flash.

The changes they make to Wolfgang, WX78, and Wickerbottom (Aka their Big Three) will single handedly define how the rest of the game plays for everyone else.

WES now Attracts lightning strikes to himself as a Downside, this means WX78 gets less of those lightning fueled over charges..

Its a Ripple Effect- and I’m confident that Klei knows what all these refreshes will impact throughout their game (and on the rare chance that they don’t… they’ll shortly discover it from their vocal community.)

"THE BIG THREE" is a meme started by Edgy Rick of all people and not only outdated but was never accurate to begin with. We are talking DST... WX has never been top three, Wicker has been far from it for years now in this post refresh meta, and Wolf has only ever been top in solo where 2x damage is significant vs coop where 99% of bosses die in under 30 seconds anyway. Combat is a smaller fraction of the gameplay loop than people realize that's why speed boosts and utility and more important than damage, that's why most experienced players choose either of the two for is the speed boost (or Wormwood). What Wolf and WX need are utility and ways to add synergy with other characters instead of being selfish and offering nothing to group play.

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On 10/24/2021 at 1:47 AM, ALCRD said:

I want some QoL changes for Wurt but that will probably remain just a dream.


On 10/24/2021 at 4:44 AM, Ohan said:

Wurt or Wickerbottom.


On 10/24/2021 at 3:11 PM, Baark0 said:



On 10/24/2021 at 9:54 PM, Brubs said:

Concept wise Wolfgang and WX need a refresh desperately. We barely know anything about their life before the constant. Wicker and Maxwell could also use a refresh but their current state and playstyle direction are in a better place.

Wurt could also use a refresh. She has an overloaded asset of abilities but excells at nothing really. The king mechanic is buggy and clunky despite its late game potential.

Yes yes we all know Wurt has issues, especially the very annoying visual ones with wearing anything on her head... but she has to wait in line just like everyone else!! 

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