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Returning to the game after a while

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Hey guys,

I just started playing again after a long while.  Last time was not long after Space Out was first released.  I thought I'd be coming to this old, familiar game, but no!  First thing I noticed, my deodorizer were rioting in the street, claim I was discriminating against them because I didn't gave them power!

Then I noticed that little new thing called "Oxygen checkpoint".  Oh...  I love that thing!  So nice to have something halfway between an atmo suit and no suit at all.

The thing I noticed the most though is that polluted oxygen seemed to be harder to deal with.  Or more accurately, more of it was produced.  After some testing, I found out a 1t tile of polluted water would produce roughly 30kg of polluted oxygen per cycle, the wiki mentions 2.4kg which would be roughly 12 time more.

I tried to find whether it was an intended change or something...  But my google-fu failed me. (Most hit on the subject were from 2018-2019). So, any of you have additional insight?  

I'm not really complaining.  This change makes farming puft way easier. This little setup can sustain easily 6 puft.  (and 2, 130 g/s, dupe actually). (Oh yeah... Yucky lung and skin irritation was another surprise for me!  Oh well!  ;) )



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So, I just read on the wiki that polluted water can turn normal oxygen into polluted oxygen and now I wonder if that was the case here or indeed, somehow the rate has changed without me knowing (I sure do read the changelogs like my life depends on 'em).

Let me, to calculate for myself, say that indeed, the rate changed.

You've got 16 tiles there, with let's say they are full with 1000kg of water  => ~40kg of oxygen each cycle. Duplicants require 130g/s=>78000g/cycle (78kg)+6x50kg/cycle=>378kg/cycle. Yeah, normally you should need way many more tiles.

378/1.8 (normal oxygen pressure)=210 tiles but here are only 16*6=96 tiles

and 378/30 (your approximation)=12,6 tiles (<16 tiles) so all the numbers are sound.

Now, I guess I'll make my own sandbox and test but welp, that'll change a lot. Meaning that I will be able to farm Pufts, too! (Their 50kg/cycle requirement basically made them Dupes, just that getting PO2 en masse is not that easy... anyway:

[Pushes random buttons]


[Pushes more random buttons]

Yeah, I can confirm. No mods, no Spaced Out (because IBroke) and while the emission (0.1%) did not change, the 1000kg became about 970kg within one cycle and filling a room (8x8) with 460-490 PO2 per tile. Let's see if I can recall the program that I used to de-compile the .dll... the wiki even says where I should be able to look (Ctrl+F+Game.SimUpdateFirst()+Enterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr).

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4 minutes ago, sakura_sk said:

Yeah... That seems totally wrong..

Well, that's what it says, I did not 'know' about it before... and setting up to check that, I would have to do later. 

  • Liquid Polluted Water can react with clean Oxygen to produce polluted oxygen. This process is easily blocked by thin layers of Carbon Dioxide emitted from Duplicants passing by.
  • Polluted Oxygen is also created when oxygen reacts with polluted water. By removing or isolating the water, you will also remove the source of Polluted Oxygen.

Also, I found the program I used to use (begins with dn and ends with Spy) and what I found is kinda different, for either I could not find it or they rewrote it indeed (DirtyWaterConfig): 

sublimates.info = new Sublimates.Info(4.0000006E-05f, 0.025f, 1.8f, 1f, this.SublimeElementID, byte.MaxValue, 0);

(rate, min_amount, max_destination_mass, mass_power) I can at least infer that 1.8 is the 1.8 kg/tile gas pressure limit and perhaps (only perhaps) it's 25g minimum emission. Though the rate I can not quite decipher due to my mere high school maths. The Sublimates Class is also beyond my ability... to concentrate. mass_power? Could be the 0.1% but could find no further numbers in both classes.

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Yeah... In my case, it didn't react with anything beside the vacuum in the room.

4 hours ago, SakuraKoi said:

just that getting PO2 en masse is not that easy

It wasn't all that much harder. 

Algae terrarium + leave the bottle on the ground.  After a while, even the puft couldn't keep up.



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PW offgassing has been updated for quite a while now, first in SO! and then in main game as the mergedown said hello... You may find this to be an interesting read:

TL;DR: PW produces PO2 more often, the amount no longer does 0.1%, etc.

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