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Fixing a corrupt save? (Offline rollback?)

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Cheers. After yesterday's events, my world's master shard is broken to the point where it crashes immediately upon starting the world, even with no players inside. I suspect this is caused by the save being somehow corrupted.

Is there a way to roll back the world "from the outside", without launching the server?

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I didn't use ANY mods and been hit with this issue in two separate days. I got some automation to reboot crashed shards and the Master shard was just starting fine without ANY errors in the log file, just that "Reset() returning" line at the end. Only working option was to delete last save file and start it again.

I reported this issue here and haven't seen any replies. It saddens me to see that with each update they somehow manage to screw something up and takes ages to notice and fix things.

For example a friend of mine noticed that the world generation (or re-generation, I don't know to be honest) is acting up in a weird manner. Take a look at this image for example. See that 4 very dark grass? From each of them he harvested 20+ grass.

I guess stuff like this is the culprit of massive lag that hits us sometimes, on a server that had zero problems with running a vanilla world without any issues, and after last major update that introduced the new biome and whatnot stuff changed drastically.

While on x84 bit with 3-4 people server was unplayable and as soon as switched to x64 is fine again.. until we get hit with random crashes of Master shard with that "Reset() returning" line in the log file.

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