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Master crashes

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The Master shard on my dedicated Linux server crashed like 20 times today for apparently no reason but this:

[00:00:16]: Available disk space for save files: 29400 MB
[00:00:16]: ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.
[00:00:20]: Reset() returning

and a few times this message:

[00:00:27]: Orphaned unnamed resource. This resource must have used Add( resource ) to insert itself into the manager.
[00:00:27]: CurlRequestManager::ClientThread::Main() complete
[00:00:27]: HttpClient2 discarded 0 callbacks.
[00:00:28]: Shutting down

Apart from deleting the last save that seems to fix it, is there another way to debug this sort of things? Sadly deleted the file before did a backup.. Anyway, running version 474933 of the dedicated server on x64 bits (started shards with dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer_x64)

Steps to Reproduce

Look above.

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