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Constantly Obsessed Zine is coming back!

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Zine recruitment begins tomorrow! 

Hello everyone, Constantly Obsessed is back for another zine! This time, some things will be different:

First of all, we’re introducing a vetting system. To join the zine, you will need to fill out a google application form and your response will be assessed. Don’t be discouraged though, it’s easy to get in!

As a part of the vetting process, we’re introducing tickets: small works we need you to complete in order to qualify for the project- make sure you follow instructions! More information below.

Next, we now have a better server design. Having learnt from our previous project, we’ve removed unneeded channels and added some new ones that will hopefully make the server easier to navigate!

We’re also introducing a new server role: Antisocial. With it, you can avoid the hassle of interacting with fellow ziners and get straight to work! No pings, unwanted messages, or stumbling on conversations you’d prefer avoiding.

Most importantly, we now have A THEME!

Last year, each creator made a piece that they felt best showed their love for the Don’t Starve franchise. This year, the zine is all about Events!

Be it Winter’s Feast covered in snow, or Summer Cawnival with its visiting Crows, avoiding mermification by cooking, or defeating monsters to please the crowds, we’re looking for zine pieces on the special days you’ve experienced in the Constant. The game events in Don’t Starve offer many places and themes to explore, so let your creativity run wild!

Now for the formalities.

The forms open tomorrow (August 1st) at 11:00 AM GMT. Make sure you fill it out correctly.

The forms close at 11:00 AM GMT on September 1st. After that, we will be sending out emails with information on whether you got accepted. If you are accepted, you will be sent a Discord invitation link that will expire in 72 hours after creation, so please make sure to join before that. The link will be one use only.

Ticket instructions and prompts

Here is a list of prompts for the Tickets (not your Zine pieces!). Use one or more and create a small work that you will attach to your application form.

Remember to create a brand new, original work. Reusing already existing works is not allowed.

Ticket prompts for Writers:

The work should not be longer than 1500 words. Short works are encouraged.

Prompts for written work tickets are:

1. What antics do the Survivors get up to when they are bored?

2. The Survivors launch an attack on a raid boss. It goes poorly.

3. Beefalo taming-related hijinks ensue.

4. A new arrival in the constant makes waves.

5. The friendship between two or more Survivors is strengthened.

6. The friendship between two or more Survivors is weakened.

7. Combat!

8. Character-specific items cause problems.

9. An argument breaks out among 2 or more characters.

10. Coping mechanism of a character.

11. A post-constant event.

12. A pre-constant event.

Ticket prompts for Illustrators:

Illustrators may choose an emoji art ticket prompt, or a colored sketch ticket prompt.

Emoji works should be 218x218 pixels in size. Accepted works will be used on the server (with permission, of course), so please design with how the end product will look on Discord in mind (color scheme, size when shrunk, etc.).

Prompts for emoji art tickets are:

1. A server emoji for somber moments

2. A server emoji for showing congratulations

3. A server emoji for expressing excitement

4. A server emoji for chaotic moments

5. A server emoji for expressing compassion

6. A server emoji for expressing disapproval

Colored sketch tickets are limited to 800x800 pixels in size. Please don’t worry too much about making a polished work, you don’t need to take a long time to complete your ticket. Just a rough sketch with some color is fine.

Prompts for colored sketch tickets are:

1. A mob relaxes in the wild or in an enclosure.

2. A survivor goes about their work.

3. Night is coming.

4. A seasonal mob arrives/departs.

5. Farming goes wrong.

6. A character receives a skin/outfit.

If you have any questions, send them to our ask-box! We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Link to the application form


That’s all, folks! We hope to see you on the 1st of September, in our Discord server!

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