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Abigail, a fabricated reality by a little girls desire.

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Wendy Carter above all else wanted her sister back, or at the very least, a way to give the goodbye she never had a chance to say. In her endless remorse she was plagued by a disdain for the world that had taken her sister. She almost lost herself in painful resignation. Perhaps the emptiness within her was a natural occurrence to those who were deemed too... complete, too soon. Then something caught her interest, the realm of spirits and that beyond the living; perhaps she could see her sister again?


She became desperate in an attempt to achieve any kind of connection to the spirit world. She sought many self proclaimed psychics and charlatans to try and achieve her dreams of connecting with her other half. She began her journey to seek the occult and everything hidden.


Nothing worked, nothing got her closer, nothingness was but a coy allure that something may reside amongst the corridors of its oblivion, for there was no definitive, only the realm of potential possibilities. 

Wendy rested one night feeling defeated yet again. Then she heard something in a state between sleepIng and wakefulness, a joyful and yet somehow eerily somber tone. Could this be it? Was this Abigail rewarding her dedication? 

No sooner than it had arrived, it was gone. 

Wendy did not relent and it seemed that the more her desire grew, the more unhinged became the jaws of the unknown.

She slowly came to the realization that what she was hearing was the melodic scratchings of a phonograph. What was playing was none other than the, at the time dance craze, ragtime. 

Not before long, in a deceitfully calm night, Wendy heard the chambers of brass at their loudest. The clicking of metal tongue and teeth at her ear. Almost as if she herself was in the mouth of the beast, and at the height of its thrashing- she was was swallowed whole. 

When Wendy regained consciousness there was an apparition before her. Although Wendy did not vocalize her distress, her body betrayed her and she collapsed onto the floor from disbelief. Something was wrong, she was sure ot it. She had come into the gaping maw alone, surely if she was accompanied by her sister she would of felt it. They always knew when they were near each other despite the lack of any kind of cue. What ever was infront of her, Wendy thought to herself, was not the soul of her sister. 

Despite Wendy's instincts screaming within her to run away and become distant from the illusion, she remained. The "Abigail" before her was distant and sorrowful as if it knew its presence caused Wendy physical pain. However, there was something else, a lamentful whispering that was both soft and deafening when ever Wendy approached.  The whispers that accompanied abigail demanded something of Wendy, a joyful reconnection of all the time lost during their fated separation. Frighteningly, when harm befell Wendy, the whispers became mournful and full of agony and spite, as if Abigail was experiencing the most painful of tortures. The spectre was possessive of Wendy, and yet Wendy was not very disturbed. Wendy felt the darkest desires root itself deep within her heart; perhaps she should indulge in the farce. 

 Wendy eventually let down her guard and her demeanor towards her sister  became one of love. 

Abigail protected Wendy at all costs and as their bond grew between them, abigail was less hesitant to reside near her sister. 

One regretful day the Survivors had slayed the guardian of the moon. From its broken and beaten body a crown of light was looted. When Wendy first equipped the crown her once thought discarded fears instantly seized her and became realized.

Abigail became faint and unrecognizable, where her sister face rested, was replaced with a blank white nothingness. The whispers thought to echo from Abigail in actuality resonated only in Wendy's mind; it was Wendy's own voice. What she had heard all this time were her own wishes developing a mind of their own. Whatever spell of desire that had cursed Wendy was shattered. 

Wendy slowly removed the crown, her eyes cloudy and her smile brighter than ever. She turned to abigail and gave her the most sincere, "I love you". 

If anyone knew how to play pretend with Abigail, it was Wendy. She played pretend with Abigail all the time, even when Abigail was no longer there. 


Wrote my theory as a story because I was bored. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading. 

Wrote this in one sitting so criticism is welcomed lol.

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