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  1. We have harnessed the power of SCIENCE. There is no stopping us now. Soon all will be Wilson. Soon all will be enlightened with forbidden knowledge. Try your best against us, we dare you. Soon, we will see who truly rules the constant.
  2. Note: For dramatic effect, I’ll be writing this in the form of a journal. Day Six Maxwell’s got another crazy idea. This time he wants us to build a boat and sail into the ocean. Why? He didn’t care to elaborate. The other survivors seem strangely on-board (pun intended) with the idea, and so I was immediately outvoted. I suppose we’ll be wasting this autumn building this boat then. Day Nine The river’s clogged. Some idiot decided to use our boat kit (before we even had the oars for everyone), and they decided it would be a good idea to launch it in the river. The river that doesn’t even go to the ocean. Whoever did it’s refusing to admit it, and it’s stirred up some tension in the camp. Day Eleven I swear Wurt’s been stealing my stuff. She probably thinks it’s funny, but how am I supposed to do anything if someone keeps stealing my essentials? I would confront her, but things are already tense around here. Somebody will probably snap if I add even more tension. Day Fifteen Maxwell got hit in the face by a meteorite. Completely shattered his fragile body, he’s lucky we had a telltale heart. He said it didn’t hurt much, but I doubt it. We found a suitable spot to launch, and we’re in the process of assembling the boat and building the final pieces. If we’re lucky we’ll make it out there before it turns winter. Day Eighteen The boat’s ready. I have to say, it came out looking better then expected. We’re all going to the boat tomorrow morning. I can’t shake the feeling something’ll go wrong, but at least I’ll be able to perform some experiments on the waves. Day Nineteen I was right. The boat was a terrible idea. As I write this, I’m clinging to the last of the boat. Everything’s wrecked. I’m glad I started this journal. Maybe it’ll end up on the sea floor alongside the wreckage of this boat, as an explanation of how this floating pancake could possibly have gotten this beaten-up. We launched the boat, and after the first few minutes we realised that we were going through food faster then we could fish up new food. Then, we realised that Webber and Wendy weren’t on the boat. Walter said we probably should go back for them, to which we all agreed. Unfortunately, if we went back then there wouldn’t be enough time to launch the boat again in time for winter. I’m hoping they’re alright, because if I ever want to be revived I’ll need to find them for a heart. Anyways, we continued until we started to starve. That’s when I saw the sea weeds. They’re incredibly dangerous, but house edible barnacles. In the circumstances, it was worth the risk. Unfortunately, we were hopelessly uncoordinated. Maxwell fumbled with the sails, and couldn’t get them to stop. Walter had a burst of excitement and dramatically span the helm like a pirate, causing the boat to swerve. Luckily, I managed to hit the anchor in time to slow us down. We stopped at the foot of a sea weed. I began to explain that they could be used as a food source, but before I could say how dangerous the sea weeds were, Walter hit it with an oar. It woke up and instantly began raining deadly shells onto the deck, littering the boat with dozens of holes. I got hit in the head by one, and was killed. Luckily Maxwell managed to revive me before he also took a rock to the face, and died. Walter soon followed suit. I managed to use our boat patches to plug the holes, but the damage had already been done. The deck is littered with the wreckage of our crockpot, ice-box, mast and anchor. We have no more hearts, so I can’t revive anyone. My sanity is slipping away, and I feel the nightmare creatures’ presence becoming stronger. If you find this journal, remember me for my endless scientific achievements. - Wilson Percival Higgsbury TL:DR: Our default Walter hit a sea weed with an oar, causing us all to die. Then we all got kicked by Maxwell leaving
  3. I’m sorry, but I really can’t take any of this seriously when I’m still chuckling at the word “Klein”
  4. Wait a moment… enhance that frame! HE’S IN PAIN I never realised there could be such cruel and sick people among us
  5. Oh my gosh, you’re such a sick person. Does this look like the face of a Gentleman Scientist who wants to be kidnapped and then USED AS COMMON TOOLS?! This is DISGUSTING behaviour, just think of all that science he could be doing right now! # terraisoverparty
  6. Because it’s 4:30 in the morning for me and being tired helps me channel my inner Gentleman Scientist
  7. “Yes, but all those faces are attached to people. Why in the name of science does the sun cream have a face?”
  8. “I’m not using that, it has a face.”
  9. (Censoring because that one post from JoeW scares me)