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Basic Infinite Food Storage for new decay mechanics for 7w

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5 hours ago, Hjoyn said:

To be clear, this is a food storage design. That's all it does, store food without decay. If you want to add other stuff, you can do so.

Do you only need the design for food storage? Do you think this is enough and others will want to replicate your design? Are we playing the same game?
Okay. Here's a food-only design (it's Rime, it will last for hundreds of cycles). It is 10000000 times easier than yours and infinitely more efficient (7W/0=):


5 hours ago, Hjoyn said:

If you have data on power draw for the food storage elements of your build, please post them so we can compare them to the numbers for my build, that are included in the original post.

Do you really want to compare the effectiveness of TR and AT? Do you need to explain that AT is much more effective than TR?

You have shown a stump of a circuit. It is not a complete solution. No one is interested in it. I repeat: most people want a complete solution and not your theory.

In this thread have already presented their schemes: Tranoze, sakura_sk and me. Do you have something to show?

5 hours ago, Tranoze said:

If you plan to store lots of food for super long period of time and dont want any of them to go spoil while only play few hours per day (mean you save/load a lot over period of the week), you shouldn't use chlorine because of this bug.

Thank you for the complete answer. There are no options left, the right way to freeze the food itself, and saving a few watts is not worth the possible problems (then it is not clear why this topic was created at all). I'm getting out of here. Sorry if I offended anyone.

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