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Idle dupes just wanna have fun

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Hey guys, just an idea I had while playing oni at work today...

When dupes have nothing to do, they go idle and slowly walk around aimlessly. 

My idea is this, what if the dupes when they had nothing to do were able to partake in leisure activities (mechanical surfboard, dancing, etc...) until they had a new task assigned? Then having a sweetly running colony with not much work to do would allow the dupes to increase their morale without having to schedule it into break times.


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While this is absolutely a fantastic idea and I love it very much, the thing is as time goes by the performance of ONI will decrease steadily, and with AI lagging as is posted in this post, it's hard to say whether the idea will acturally work.

And there are always people out there(like me) enjoy seeing dupes wandering, as aimless as the whole universe...

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@Tuode I've heard about these lag issues but mine went away in the base game once I put a decent graphics card in. Also I haven't reached the late game in the new expansion so maybe that's a whole different story. Can't imagine this change would affect lag that much though.

@Nebbie Yes totally, I find most of the leisure activities just never get used and it would be really fun to implement them and see them used without having to reserve half the day for leisure... which would totally ruin your ability to get anything done.

3 hours ago, babba said:

2 idle dupes interacting, within 3 tiles proximity

image.png.165a71452d02b866d6563c0a8ac43bbc.png2idle dupes.gif


Lol having a blast

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Yes and all the switching between bases in spaced out makes it much trickier to keep all dupes constantly busy.

Would be cool if they were doing something fun and useful (morale building) when you're not there.

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