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  1. Both the oxyfern and the wheezeworth seem underwhelming. The biggest benefit of wheezeworths was that they had no maintenance. If I need to supply them, why not use an ice-e fan instead, and later on aquatuner+steam turbine provides maintenance free large scale heat deletion. AETNs could use a buff as well, right now I don't really see any reason to use them once you have the turbine available. Wild Oxyferns do very little. 12 oxyferns are needed per dupe, that is how many you get about at the start. Which means you may as well not bother with the wild ones. Domestic ones require water, at which point they seem awfully close to the electrolyzer, and seem to offer little advantage besides requiring less research.
  2. Fuze box

    Having the big transformer match the load rating of the conductive wire would be a great start already.
  3. If you provide a gantry, they'll run off, which is what should encouraged IMHO
  4. The rocket capsule currently swallows a dupe, and if you don't let them out, you will never notice they still exist. Capsules should have an oxygen gas port that needs to be refilled each mission Astro-dupes pop out of the capsule on return and cling on to the rocket waiting after landing if there is no gantry extended and they don't have a jet suit Capsules require food to be stocked. Space rations could be created from regular food sealed in plastic Capsules don't need to have an assigned pilot. If no pilot is assigned, any dupe with the profession can take up the job. Dupes only go and board once a rocket is ordered to launch
  5. For myself I would be already happy if I could mark dupes as maxed out so I don't get notified about their unassigned skill points any more.
  6. I did it with doors before, but it is rather ugly. It is by no means a great change, but it would add some utility to a sparsely used building
  7. Duplicant checkpoints currently do not block duplicants from pathing through. Doors do prevent pathing, but you cannot change the directionality of a door by automation. So if you want to either allow duplicants go both way, or only one way, without pathing, you currently need a separate entrance and exit. I suggest adding an option to the checkpoint 'wait for checkpoint to open' that controls if Duplicants should try pathing through a closed checkpoint or not.
  8. Nosh beans and lettuce should have their own recipes. Depending on with which biomes you start, the electric grill right now offers little usefulness.
  9. You can make brine?
  10. It would be very fitting if Waterweeds would take their irrigation directly from the pond they are standing in, like dasha saltvines absorb chlorine. It would give them a bit more a unique flavor, instead of piping the same thing to them which they already stand in.
  11. Yeah, this could work nicely, and would even have an adequate explanation that the resources/water you add provides the nutrients it can't get from soil due to being so crowded. I'd probably make one check for all plant types, that would make it simpler
  12. It is only supplemental as long as you are limited by available seeds. Once you have been farming a bit, you easily have 4x more seeds than you need, as long as you can afford to wait the first long cycle to harvest, you just got rid of all upkeep for your farms.
  13. An alternative would be heavily limiting the maximum density of natural plants. If they are too close, they stop growing.
  14. It doesn't matter how you plant them, it is still free resources, farming without any of the cost. Neither would I consider setting up the pips entirely hassle free. Oil is limited by the throughput of the oil wells, you don't get infinite food for no cost at all.
  15. I feel like the self planting seeds are a great mistake for the entire balance of the game. So far achieving self sustainability required a careful balance, you could achieve water positive and power positive systems, but it was generally hard. With the trees you can get free power forever, with free water along with it, and with free food on top what is the challenge left in the late to endgame? After a few hundred cycles using 4 times the seeds and planting space is a trivial issue. The same I don't consider it good that the nuisance of planting seeds is getting rewarded, the whole constructing/deconstructing business of planters is an awkward workaround that somehow suggests that this is not an intended mechanic.