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  1. We have the really nifty matter teleporters, transmitting liquids, gas and solids. There is no way to turn them off from the far side though right now besides clogging the port. It would be very convenient if the teleporters also had a linked ribbon cable port, with which you can send signals back and forth between the colonies. It also seems fitting that they'd be able to do that, sending some data should be easy when you can teleport matter.
  2. Pretty much what the title says, with the DLC it would be great to have a reveal tool for the starmap, to reveal it and inspect other planetoids, especially right now in the Early Access where you might want to check what is new. When enabling the sandbox, there really should not be any limitations any more to have dupes exploring if you don't want to.
  3. I don't think we need a dedicated aquaponic tile, but I feel that plants that A) like being submerged and B) consume liquid should be able to directly take that liquid from their environment instead of needing a dedicated pipe in addition.
  4. I feel the DLC has fundamentally different priorities than you, and you'll be happier with the base game. Many players, myself included thought Rocketry was coming too late, a resource sink once all your problems are already solved, and the DLC clearly tries to make them an integral part of your expansion. That means making them available earlier, and also forcing the player to expand to other asteroids by restricting available resources. That said, once the DLC is stable, map sizes should be moddable again, and maybe once the two versions are merged again the devs will also throw in some old style one-big-asteroid maps that include the new biomes.
  5. No mention of the sugar engine... So we are stuck with basically only the CO2 engine with an useful range?
  6. I have seen the same issue, but I put it down to a mod which affects slicksters.
  7. The nosh bean height is still broken in the Launch Release