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  1. I had issues that building restrictions on being usable on the ground are incorrectly not being applied. I observed it with beds, fridges, tables, however the behaviour is not consistent. The building being forgotten vary, also, sometimes switching back and forth between ground and None applies the restrictions, sometimes not. Some instances require toggling the building being controlled and back.
  2. Will sweepy get some love? He's adorable, but sadly so rarely useful.
  3. I'm pretty sure things are settling. The two main things that were promised, the new rocketry and the radiation mechanic exist, and now they are iterating on it. (I am so happy we finally got easier piping for the rocket) I can well imagine there being some little surprise just before release, but I wouldn't expect a ton more
  4. Since the latest update of the preview branch the application crashes when I try to launch it. I verified the game files, and reinstalled the files, to no avail.
  5. No mention of the sugar engine... So we are stuck with basically only the CO2 engine with an useful range?
  6. I have seen the same issue, but I put it down to a mod which affects slicksters.
  7. The nosh bean height is still broken in the Launch Release