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Is it an intentional part of the game design that there isn't a florid postern in the wilderness mode?

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...or was it initially designed like that since players don't spawn anywhere specific (as its only previous function) and even though upgrading it and switching charaters without dying could be useful, it was never added as it's the least popular game mode- an oversight as one might call it? Is it intended to be an extra challenge/feature of wilderness mode that you can't switch without sacrificing map progress (recoverable via making maps) and precrafted recipes (not recoverable)?

Would it be nonesensical if it just existed somewhere in the world anyway despite random spawn locations and allow players to upgrade it to celestial portal to allow sacrificing character your life? It could juat exist like a setpiece to encounter like the portal inside the caves. 

Or better have the ruined remains of a portal in a set place as a community project structure like Pearl's House where players can contribute to build the Jury-Rigged Portal and then apply the portal paraphernalia over it to upgrade it into the celestial portal. Whether to have new players spawn in randomly or at the portal after it is built would be another game design choice or even  a  toggleable option specific to wilderness mode. Perhaps after being build, Jury-Rigged portal can play an animation where it is corrupted and transformed into the Florid postern by shadow hands as depicted in the Cyclum Puzzles.

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Wilderness game mode has been largely neglected both by Klei as well as players and you see more Survival and Endless game modes, besides some custom ones.

Something Wilderness has that no other mode does is the ability respawn and try again with no health penalty and no need to be resurrected as a ghost. One of the most annoying things in Endless and at times Survival as well for new players is that you cannot get back into the game instantly without immediate help. Being a ghost is boring and almost pointless. You can't just teleport and respawn back at the postern at the click of a button in Endless like you can do with a Meat Effigy, you have to walk there. The drop of maximum health is pretty pointless too, it serves no purpose as even without it the respawn mechanics would already have balance in the other two modes.

* Postern in Endless is single-location respawn

* Touchstones are too but limited respawn amount

* Meat Effigies must be built and attuned to once but at a desired location and cost some resources

* Life Amulets are a little expensive but can be held onto to respawn on your own wherever you died

* Telltale Hearts are cheap but require a player to help you out

Because of the level of boredom and tedium death brings, I think it's safe to say it's one of the reasons many new players leave the moment they first die. On one hand you want to be unforgiving, but it doesn't work that well in a multiplayer setting when none knows what they are doing. It might be a good idea to tweak some of these modes and set an easier mode as the default in place of Survival, as it is the hardest and most punishing, or make another one or two modes alongside these and balance accordingly. Wilderness mode especially could do with some attention particularly with retaining map data and additional respawn mechanics implemented in some way like life giving amulets and attuned meat effigies.

For Endless at the very least I think it would be a great change to add a button to respawn like it has been done with Meat Effigies, with a similar menu popping up where the button would be located, like when everyone is dead in Survival world, but without a timer for world reset. Then you could teleport to the portal and respawn there instead of having to manually hover to there as a ghost. Removing max health penalties would just trim that extra level of pointless tedium. Dropping your stuff where you died is punishment enough in many scenarios.

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