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i can't add caves anymore

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Hi Guys!

Long story short, couple days ago from some reason i can't launch my save with cave (above 700 days) 

i delete a folder with cave documents and i was able to play again, but without caves ;/

i try also generate a new world with a caves and i had the same problem again 

there are very smart people here, maybe You have some suggestion?

is this possible to play on my old save and add cave again?

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Yes, i use mods, but i never had problems with run the game before. The worst thing is i can't even generate a new world with caves now, only without them. I only delete folder with caves from cluster_8 (my save with above 700 days)

I have a backup, but like i mentioned above, i can' even generate caves on a new world, so hard to say where is the problem.

to be clear, i delete caves after i try  launch my save several times and from some reason i can't load my world, 

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Hmm, works fine for me.


server: [API] Gem Core, Basements, Beef. Widget, Dummy Flingomatic, Epic Healthbar, Force Reed Trap Set Piece, Fuel-Sharing Ice Flingomatic, Global Pause, Global Positions, Health Info, Improved Premier Gardeneer Hat, Inspect Bundle, Lazy Lazy Deserter, New Boat Shapes, Rewrap Bundles.

client: ActionQueue RB2, Advanced Controls, Bundle O'Top, Camera Tweaks, Combined Status, Cookbook [Client], Craft Pot, Dusk and Night Music, Extended Map Icons, Gardeneer Hat (Client), Geometric Placement, Ice Fling Range Check, Idea Testing, Improved Force Attack, Item Info, Lightningrod Range Indicator, Minimap HUD, Rotate Character Model, Skins extender, Snapping Tills, Status Announcements, Super Gesture, Too Many Items Plus, World Settings Picker

1 hour ago, hamerchuck said:

is this possible to play on my old save and add cave again?

Just generate another world, take a cave folder from there and put in into your main world folder.

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thanks to all of you for trying to resolve my problem, luckily I was able to recover the previous caves. I pasted the folder I deleted earlier and somehow the caves loaded, but I turned off some mods from the client's server, now I'm going to turn them back on to see if they were the cause of this problem

Thanks again Guys!

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