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Automated Modular Farming

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Design requirements:

  • Dupes can only access +16 morale food, unless there isn't any, in which case they can have the +12 morale food. 
  • Instead of a boring diet of perpetual pepper bread, you want a little store front where they can get their selection of any* +16 (if available) or +12 food item on demand. 
  • Meal lice for the juice blender
  • Mostly automated so no dupes have to do any farming or fetching.  They can ranch the dreckos and pufts if they want.  Some compost flipping required.  
  • All raw, intermediate and final products in deep freeze, except for 1kg of each finished food item in refrigeration.
  • Turn off resources to farms when you have 1000kg of associated raw product in deep freeze. 
  • Combine ranches and farms where possible
  • Make all the farms with the same 10x20 module



  • water. salt water, polluted water
  • chlorine gas from chlorine vent
  • polluted oxygen from polluted oxygen vent
  • sulfur from liquid sulfur vent

And no others!  Phosphorite is harvested from dreckos, slime from pufts,  algae from slime, bleach stone from squeeky pufts, and dirt from grub and fish poo appropriately separated and composted.  tbh I haven't verified that this is sustainable, but things seem stable for the moment.  It's not like any of this is necessary.

* No nosh beans currently because of trade war with Muckial.

This isn't exactly new, but if there is any interest I can show the automation, shipping, etc.  There is an hatch farm and fish farm in the main base block.  The PO2 vent tamer / Puft ranch is nothing special.  It looks like this:


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