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(POLL) On Maxwell's Appearance

Do you think Maxwell's ingame appearance should be altered to better reflect his official art?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Maxwell's ingame appearance should be altered to better reflect his official art?

    • Yes, it should be changed
    • No, it should stay the same
    • It should be added as a skin

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This is something that I don't think anyone's brought up often in a while, but recently I begun to think about the differences between Maxwell's ingame sprite, and Maxwell's official artwork again. Because I realized that there's a chance it may be changed whenever Maxwell's rework comes around (no, this is not a "let's talk about Maxwell's rework!" post, just about this aspect specifically.)

Maxwell's default appearance in-game, and his appearance in official artwork are noticeably different (mostly just the clothing.) 

It may seem somewhat nitpicky, and I know it comes down to his sprite being simplified, having to crunch a tall character into such a small sprite. 
But his ingame appearance was made like, 8 years ago. Since then, Klei has released many skins that tackle things that they wouldn't touch before (i.e. long sleeves, more detailed torsos, legs, etc) 

It could be done. But should it? Should Klei change the appearance of this important character who has looked the same for upwards of a decade? Should they leave it alone? Should they add it as a skin? Should they change his appearance, then add the old one as a skin? What do you guys think?

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