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Slime lung

Bring Back Slime lung being fatal  

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  1. 1. Should slime lung be fatal once again?

    • Yes
    • No

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This makes the most sense to me:

* Floral scent - only affects duplicants with allergic reaction (same as it is now, but something needs to be done about duplicant negative-positive trait balance to not make players avoid taking duplicants with allergies)

* Food poisoning - starts with diarrhoea, scales to vomiting, losing more calories and spreading food poisoning everywhere. Not fatal, but very terrible if not treated.

* Slimelung - starts with light coughing, scales to worse infectious coughing and eventually death if untreated.

* Zombie Spores - starts with drowsiness which slow duplicants down significantly, scales to duplicants becoming zombies and attacking other duplicants, spreading the infection. The zombie dupes can be attacked or wrangled. If wrangled, they can be put inside a disease clinic to be treated over time.

I don't have ideas for radioactive contaminants, but they don't even die in chlorine or at high/low temperatures at the moment, which sounds scarier than even zombie spores.

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Radiation sickness seems to have multiple stages. Didn`t test it yet as i tend to play slow and keep restarting. But other diseases should have similar stages as long as the dupes keep getting exposed to the cause.

Floral scent could just cause minor irritation (similar to chorine) but if allergic dupes are exposed for too long they start sneezing and get increased negative morale.

Food poisoning could just cause the current symptomes but if exposed continusly it would lead to vomiting and a large athletics loss.

Slimelung shouldn`t be fatal imo but maybe could cause dupes to gradually lose more breath until they will spend most of their day catching breath.

Hypothermia could get worse if dupes are kept in cold eventually going into deep hypothermia with the dupe falling asleep and needing to get moved by another dupe.

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I'd vote yes.  One of my longstanding disappointments with ONI is that they had perfectly workable morale and disease systems and then they completely gutted them right before launch.  It makes the medicine, food, and recreation systems nearly completely irrelevant.


There's a mod on the Steam Workshop that'll make the diseases nasty again, although I've been hesitant to install it because it also makes scalding a lot nastier and I don't want to be losing dupes because they wandered in front of a steam geyser.

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I agree, my hospital and meds are now almost never used, the only use for my hospital was pre-atmo suits when they got incapacitated when too hot, but once I have atmo suits, the hospital is all but useless now as meds and beds just never get used.

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