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My Automated Materials Science Station

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This works on a falling edge detect triggering a counter.  When the dupe enters the room to research they run over to the left of the machine to toggle that switch this brings them out of range for the motion sensor and sends a pulse to the counter for 1.  When the dupe is doing the research they are in range of the motion sensor but due to some quirk of the animation the dupe doesn't trigger the motion sensor a second time.  When the dupe finishes the research or runs out of radbolts, they'll leave the room which triggers the edge detect a second time pulsing the counter up to 2.  the counter then turns on the radbolt collector and a single pulse generator to toggle the reset on the counter.  a single radbolt gets fired into the machine and it's now reset.  There's a manual toggle switch on the edge detect side to adjust the counter if dupes have to run in there for other tasks. 

The main thing i have to worry about is having enough radbolts in the collector to complete the research.  If the collector runs out of radbolts the system will need to be cycled with the switch to fire an radbolt.


Autorenew Material Science Station..png

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10 hours ago, boiledDupe said:

You could detect the radiation of a collided radbolt (therefore identifying that it's full), and allow dup entry.  dup entry is disallowed once they leave the building

Yeah, but then you'd be wasting 50 radbolts. 

11 hours ago, ihadagoodone said:

Moved the dupe sensor and did away with the counter.  Now when the dupe is done and leaves, it sends a single pulse to the radbolt collector.

Yeah, but then the system would be wasting radbolts.

19 hours ago, ihadagoodone said:


Autorenew Material Science Station..png

I think I'll be sticking with this one...

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1 hour ago, Yunru said:

Better yet:

Have a simple loop, that a radbolt only passes through if the device is full. That way you both know when the device is full, and don't waste the test bolt.

I was thinking about this but it has one problem - radbolt diminishes with travel and if device is full you have nothing to send it to.
I'm thinking about using second research machine to catch the stray bolt would reduce the wasted radbolts.

Automation output with stored radbolts would be a nice solution to all of those :D

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