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  1. I like this idea, however, there needs to be some sort of accesible radiation source for all the planetoids. For example, I'm pretty sure sure you have to explore a lot to get a wheezewort on the Forest Cluster.
  2. Well, I didn't. My base is entirely powered by coal generators, with a lot of automated hatch ranches which produce meat and eggs for me, as well as coal. I always build a SPOM module combined with an AETN, which cools both my base and my oxygen. I use a heat injector to get just the right temperature (it's not very accurate, but who cares?). It has a 5°C margin of error, so beware.
  3. I agree with the automation sugestion, however I disagree greatly with the first suggestion. I do agree that there needs to be some better way to automate rockets, but that doesn't justify scrapping the existing system. It's literally the same as building a nice statue then throwing it in the garbage.
  4. As I've said before, I was referring to ONI. Temperatures on the space biome can range from -30°C to -50°C. However, as clarified by @crbd115, there aren't enough cold tiles to freeze Stinky's base, so he should be fine.
  5. I do think that tidying would be the appropriate skill to clean the statures. This would create a completely new layer of ONI, implying that there would be other threats other than the usual lack of food, oxygen, resources. As discussed above, these changes do not fit very well ONI's style, and therefore are out of question. I do like this change. It forces you to actually devise a plan to remove said creatures of the biome, and make you think twice before printing a pacifist duplicant. I also like the idea of these critter nests. Sometimes I just want a hatch, but they've gone extinct on my colony.
  6. Are they with atmosuits or masks? They don't wash their hands when they have these things equipped.
  7. Do you remember the series of QoL updates on Oni? They could do something similar with the DLC.
  8. Hmm. This seems awfully similar to Rimworld. Oni really could use some Rimworld mechanics on it. I like the changes!
  9. Yeah, but then you'd be wasting 50 radbolts. Yeah, but then the system would be wasting radbolts. I think I'll be sticking with this one...
  10. No, it doesn't. It's simply a bug. Beetinys are supposed to grow to beetas in 2.5 cycles. The bug is that these beetas don't have a life cycle (i.e. they don't die from old age).
  11. I don't know... A moment, please. Ok, that should do
  12. You should be one making the index entries. This is exactly what I'd expect on game, even the jokes! Very informative!
  13. What I would like is if we had a revamp of the food system. In my eyes, a duplicant shouldn't feel very good if they are eating a 1% stale food. There should be a difference in quality based on the food's decay. A 1% moldy pepper bread shouldn't be as fullfilling as a 100% one. That way, players would have an incentive to preserve food, other than infinitely storing it. We also need some simpler way to give deep freeze to food. Sure, players can create insulated cold rooms and deep freeze their food, but to appease all players Klei needs to add some sort of freezer building. It could be like the refrigerator, consuming large amounts of power and producing heat. This, however, showcases the biggest problem with refrigerators: they are bad. You spend 120w continuously to somewhat preserve your food. It doesn't protect your food from the atmosfere and it only applies the refrigerated buff to the food. To surpass this problem, Klei needs to buff fridges. I'd suggest halfing the cost and actually making the fridges protect your food from the air (i.e. when a food in on the fridge it shouldn't receive the -15% normal atmosfere debuff)