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  1. Maybe some of these morphs can be used on Spaced Out!
  2. The automation overlay sound is wonderful! It's certainly an improvement!
  3. If you look carefully, you'll see that there are no critters, and some unused elements. This is because it's still on testing, so expect biological cargo bays soon!
  4. I agree, it does look like something is jamming the cogs, like a shove vole. As you can see on the image, the drill replaces the nosecone. I believe that space poi will spawn around the map and if you fly there with the drill module, you'll be able to gain artifacts and such. You know it's broken because the top gear doesn't spin.
  5. I very much disagree with you, good sir. I, for one really like that, to access the high tier tecnologies, you have to use the game's mechanics.
  6. Well, well well, seems like Klei added comets (Space POIs) to the game.
  7. Everyone's input in Interplanetary Automation would be helpful. It's a much needed change to the game.
  8. Nooooo, I just subscribed to blueprints fixed version.
  9. Yeah, automation between planets is a big issue.