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Cawnival console commands

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What is the console command for spawning an "Egg-Scramble" mini-game?

  • "Eggs in the Basket" – carnivalgame_memory_kit
  • "Hubbub froGrub" – carnivalgame_feedchicks_station

These are the ones I found. 

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Just now, Well-met said:

c_spawn ("ITEMNAMEHERE")

That ITEMNAMEHERE is the exact thing I'm trying to figure out. But still thanks.

And it's actually c_spawn("ITEMNAME",amount) if we are being precise.

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1 hour ago, QuartzBeam said:

The amount is optional. You can ignore it and the function will default to 1.

Didn't know that. Nice.

2 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

If you've got the console autocomplete turned on, you should be able to just keep typing carnivalgame_a, carnivalgame_b, carnivalgame_c, etc, until it autocompletes to something that sounds right, and then you can spawn that in to see.

I did that with the whole alphabet and didn't find anything related to that specific mini-game.

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