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Hey Grifters!

It's been a heck of a week! We're working on addressing some of the feedback that we've been getting since launch, and getting more of translations up to the present. We'll be letting this stuff soak on testing until next Monday, and then hotfixing it into release.

  • Updated German, Brazillian Portuguese, French, Korean translations
  • Fix stage direction in smith_story_take_a_sample.lua
  • Fixed Mullifees eye texture
  • Fixed smith movie scaling issue
  • Fix potential crash with a day change while the sandwich event is active.
  • Rook Brawl: disable campsite meditation if already at full resolve.
  • Shielded: only prevent targeting from attacks, as per the description.
  • Fix locked perk descriptions not updating its required perk count when unlocking a new perk.
  • Restrict the casting on event_jail_break.lua a bit more, to control difficulty, and prevent mullifee from getting cast
  • Retire Mullifee if you betray her, to avoid awkwardly running into her at Moreef's later.
  • Fixed bug caused by upgrading cards with charges via the mutator mutator.
  • Enlarge cards as much as possible for various scaling modes.
  • Hide main overlay and offset titles to make extra room.
  • Doze Bug now includes a line of dialogue stating its effect when triggered.
  • Mettle bounties no longer show up in NO_LOOT negotiations.
  • Wrath of Hesh now retargets properly when owned by the player.
  • Daily Caves: Fix spelunker pronoun.
  • Increase size of cards in ChooseCardsPopup for Big and Bigger UI scaling.
  • Increase abridged tooltipped cards size slightly.
  • Increase drafted card widget sizes slightly
  • Make the title font on the WidePanel popup consistently sized across UI scales.
  • audio: mix fixes from feedback. 
  • Fixed bug where Rebounder would deal damage the first time your core was attacked rather than took damage.
  • Make oolo's merchant work at all times of day, so you can go shopping after turning in your quests 
  • In Smith's ending, don't show the solo mulliffe or theroux slides if we show the all siblings slides
  • Remove sickle_idle audio event from med_combat_sickle_bandit_raider.lua, because it sounded bad.


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4 hours ago, Kevin said:

In Smith's ending, don't show the solo mulliffe or theroux slides if we show the all siblings slides

That's a nice change. Fits the continuity of the story the player chooses.

Hope we get Rook tweaks in the future for a story closure.

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