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Looking for a mod that adds a vanity system similar to Terraria

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I've been looking for this mod for a long while now, basically what it does is add equipment slots that lets you put items in them that would show visibly on your character, but without the effects of the item, or the durability draining. I really want this mod since there's a lot of cool item skins (funcaps, feather hat for a few examples) that I'd love to see more, but the lunar crown has equipment priority over all of those.

This isn't a mod that I'm asking to be made, it exists (or at least, existed) already, but can't for the life of me remember the name of it. If anyone does happen to know the name, please post it here.

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Word of warning with that mod, it hasn't been updated in a while, some items fail to show entirely, like clean sweeper.

Also the enlightened crown's hovering animation over your head has some visual oddities with the mod too, even when you equip a vanity item, if your sanity goes high enough while a vanity item the crown will override the vanity item until you unequip and reequip the vanity item and even then the crown will continue to hover over your head while the vanity hat is shown.

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