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A lategame way to reduce board cost from 4 to 3

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I know it sounds odd but honestly when doing large builds wood chopping is one of things that really cost so much lumber just to make a board that I feel like maybe characters don't actually make it efficient on how they make those boards or something? I dunno, just saying that maybe having some sawmill science structure or tool later on we could have reduced cost for the boards. I at least sometimes gotta spend a whole season chopping just to get the amount I need for the moment till next one comes up...

Anyway: Discuss.

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43 minutes ago, hot focaccia said:

technically we do have that, the construction amulet

xd now think twice on what you're saying here, or at least do a bit of research... that thing costs a fortune, considerably that we need green gems, thule and nightmarefuels which only gives us up to 5 uses.

Either Klei would buff on them being less consuming for construction materials or just add some new thing. That'd be my thought. Nobody on the right mind would use this thing on boards.

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