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Mysterious Energy still completely busted on Console

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Klei can we please get some acknowledgement of this ongoing issue and Maybe an eta on a patch/fix? It's an issue across ps AND Xbox 

Because of the potential damage the moonstorm can do to bases this bug is stopping people (myself included) from being able to play their long term worlds at all or they're risking mass damage and can never get rid of the moonstorm.

Many are having this problem in a spot they were able to summon the boss at previously with no issue (myself included) so it isn't just affecting those who incorrectly place the altars it seems to be affecting ALL console users at this point.

I was hoping for a fix today being Thursday and all (Fri for me but Thursday in klei land) and it has been some time since this issue started - hell many console players haven't gotten to fight CC at all yet and earn their crown, I'm glad I at least got to a few times before the bug affected me.

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On 5/30/2021 at 5:34 AM, LonelySkeleton said:

What is the bug? I have only fought CC once on release so i'm unaware.

You can't place the incomplete experiment on top of the mysterious energy regardless of correct/incorrect altar placement. 

Being locked out of building it means no boss fight and permanent moon storm/full moons. 

Permanent moon storm can do a huge amount of damage to long term worlds if you have farms/pens set up across multiple biome that use walls and mobs as moongleams and charged moon rock can damage structures with health and mobs. 

Also permanent full moon can lead to werepigs destroying stuff they normally would not which can also be potentially catastrophic.  


1 minute ago, HowlVoid said:

From your post I don't understand what the bug is. Does the moonstorm essentially never despawn?

Yep you can't place the incomplete experiment at all even if placement of altars is perfect. No boss, permanent moon storm and full moons.

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I HATE THISSSS, it's been like a week and my game is super laggy with this, and it's been so long the game bugged out and made the little animation every night of the little moon eye thing turn into a regular full moon


I just wanna fight my lunar man againnnnnnnnnnnn

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