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  1. It's been happening to all worlds on ps4 too no matter what players do. Basically can't play until it's fixed
  2. So i farmed tumbleweeds for about 20-30 hours and only ever got Bishop pawns. Bishop was the only statue i was able to mine and only sketch i obtained. I guess you can only loot each pawn from tumbleweeds after you have received the corresponding sketch prior. I assume this is meant to be a way to get them back if they were stolen or burnt, but doesn't help players like me who had the repaired statues destroyed or the suspicious marble pieces bugged out. I'm still patiently waiting that they will fix this someday, like Klei just please remove the prerequisite for pawns being in the tumbleweed loot table and make them available anytime. they're like a 1% chance anyway it's not like this change will have players opting for tumbleweed farming instead of repairing the statues as the former can take sooo much longer than the latter especially if you use beefalo or Walter to carry the statues. Even walking them over only takes a week in game max, where as farming all three pawns could easily take 10 hours at least unless you were insanely lucky. Just a recap: My shadow pieces are in a Mosaic biome in the middle of a meteor field, i repaired all three statues and left them alone for 1 week to prepare for the fight and wait for the next full moon. When i returned to the shadow pieces the day before a full moon ready to mine them and get the sketches, i discovered that 2/3 statues were destroyed. Nothing was on the ground either no marble, no sketches, no suspicious marble pieces to re-repair them. This is my main world of over 3k days now, a solo world that has never had anyone else join, and i'm on ps4 so i can't use commands. To this day it upsets me that i can't do shadow pieces or fuelweaver, i doubt i will ever make a new world either i have so much time invested in this one a huge megabase and it's almost perfect world gen. It would take me weeks of exploring new worlds to find one even close to this good, believe me i even tried at one point, i have searched over 50 worlds. And remember i'm on ps4 so it takes upwards of 45min to explore each world i can't use map reveal mod i have to use Walter. The only way i have been able to do these fights is on friend's worlds. Sigh. This is not "an attempt to remove the statue system and allow players to skip it by harvesting Tumbleweeds" This is a suggestion for a fix that is desperately needed for some players as i'm not the only one it has happened to. My main world of over 3k days is ruined by a bug and i want it fixed. You realize that carrying the marble pieces and repairing them doesn't take long even if you walk them over it only takes about a week in game at max. Where as farming tumbleweeds for all three pawns would take significantly longer as they have a 0.1% chance to drop. I spent 20-30 hours farming tumbleweeds and only ever got 6 Bishop pawns so yea it's not ideal at all. My point is that this suggested fix wouldn't have players opting for tumbleweed farming. Nobody would ever choose to farm tumbleweeds for the three pawns instead of just repairing the statues with suspicious marble. This suggested fix would only be a backup for players like me who had the shadow pieces bug out, forever preventing them from doing shadow pieces and fuelweaver. It's a simple fix at that, literally all they have to do is remove the prerequisite for pawn pieces becoming available in the tumbleweed loot table.
  3. I was really hoping they would do something about bugs with shadow pieces. In my oldest world of 3k days meteors destroyed my rebuilt rook and knight off screen before i could mine them on a full moon and the the marble pieces used to repair them are gone from the world meaning i can never do shadow pieces or Fuelweaver. A simple fix would be to add all three pawns for Rook Knight and Bishop into the tumbleweed loot pool/ remove the prerequisite of needing to have obtained the sketches prior. The only statue i was able to mine was Bishop therefor the only pawn i have ever found in tumbleweeds is 6 Bishops. Fix this please that way for old worlds like mine that had the suspicious marble pieces bug out somehow we can just farm tumbleweeds for the statues instead. The same thing happened to the Pawn and Queen statues, meteors destroyed them and their sketches off screen and they aren't in the tumbleweed loot pool because i never actually picked them up. I submitted this to bug tracker and a moderator couldn't duplicate it so he called me a liar that just wanted a way to bypass the rebuilding of clockwork statues. Like really dude? I have no problem switching to walter and riding them over. The point was that my 3k world is broken because meteors destroyed my repaired statues off screen and the marble pieces to repair them are gone. I can never do Shadow pieces or FW now and it kills me. Sorry about that rant. The update was meh as i had high hopes for a shadow piece rework of sorts. The bat bat reduces cost is cool though i never realized how good that weapon is. Everything else was meh i don't play webber so idc about beards but my friend loves them. The updated textures all look nice too except for grass walls they are way too bold they don't go good with tan fences anymore.
  4. It would be cool if they gave her a shield and spear combo weapon because you know shield maiden. The shield could be raised/lowered instantly the same way you hide in snurtle shell armor, when raised you would be able to attack at the same time but at the cost of reduced movement and attack speed, or used purely for defense the same way snurtle shell armor is. Give her more weapon crafts like a ranged weapon or spear that can be thrown, this would be useful for hunts. Maybe give her battle armor that's actually worth using in the chest slot. And either rework her current spear and helm to be geared more for mid-late game or add expensive tier two versions of them for mid-late game. Another cool idea i have seen thrown around is give her the boss screech mechanic call it "battle cry". It would buff her damage reduction and allow her to take enemy agro, and all nearby teammates receive faster movement and attack speed. Something like that idk, maybe the battle cry would instead just buff her and nearby teammates with higher damage reduction. This would have to be on a cool down or require a crafted item with limited use, they could make this item similar to the beefalo horn in appearance. It would require a beefalo horn to craft but would look nicer, this also ties into her play style because she is always hunting beefs for meat.
  5. I agree with all this but in mid-late game Wurt merms are way better resource gatherers than Maxwell it's not even a competition. The only time maxwell is better is early game. Not to mention as Wurt you don't even have to fight tree guards that spawn where as with Maxwell you have to or else they kill your shadows fast.Try bringing an army or merms to a forest sometime they blow Maxwell and his shadows out of the water. Wurt is undeniably the best resource gatherer in the game.
  6. I lost my first world on day 200 to my controller dying. My campfire went out just as my controller died, charlie killed me, and i couldn't find my charger fast enough before the world reset.
  7. That would be perfect and probably easier than adding subtitles. What a great suggestion!
  8. Yea hounds she has been mostly fine with because they take longer to spawn and the character announces it early around the 3rd bark and multiple times after Bearger and Clops on the other hand only growl 5-6 times and the character only announces it on the 4th growl like 10-15 seconds before they spawn, so she always gets caught completely off guard especially with Clops destroying base.
  9. Thank you Jantonio, but she is a ps4 player and doesn't have the option to use this mod.
  10. I really hope they add a work around or alternative to obtaining the sketches needed to spawn the shadow clockworks. Sure they fixed the console world gen problems of not having all 3 suspicious marble pieces spawn or not having all 3 broken statues spawn. But there are still remaining issues that can completely prevent you from fighting shadow clockworks and by extension Fuelweaver. Such as suspicious marble pieces getting stuck in the ocean in areas that are unobtainable with the pinchin' winch. Or having your broken statues spawn in a meteor field, repairing them, then leaving the area and while you are away meteors destroy the statues but the suspicious marble pieces don't drop as intended. Either way you then have no way at all to do the shadow clockwork and Fuelweaver fights due to some (while rare) very frustrating and obscure bugs. Either fix the rare bugs or add an alternative method of obtaining the sketches is all we (as in those of us who have had worlds ruined due to these things) ask for.
  11. One of my friends just got into DST but has very bad hearing. Would the devs please consider adding subtitles for the hound wave barks and seasonal boss growls? Something simple like "Hounds barking" and "Loud Growling" would be amazing. She is aware now that the character announces hounds with a quote but this only happens about halfway into the barking, giving her less time to prepare. The hounds she has been able to manage since the time they take to spawn is much longer. However, the main issue is that the character quotes for the seasonal bosses spawning happens near the very end of the growling and gives her less than 30 seconds to react and prepare for their arrival. Deerclops and Bearger growl about 5 times before spawning, but the character doesn't mention it with a quote until the 4th growl. This results in Deerclops and Bearger spawning right in her base almost every time. When playing solo she has almost no time at all to adjust what she is doing and fight the bosses away from base, please Klei add a subtitle option for these <3 I'm sure there are others like her who play the game and they would love this accessibility option.
  12. I was was hunting for vargs recently and couldn't find a single track all day so this makes sense. Turns out it was because i had a few Koalefants in my world already from previous hunts. Thanks for the post, until it's fixed i at least know how to work around it.