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  1. Ah true didn't think of that. Oh well i'll have a reason to play Webber now, never bothered with him before.
  2. As a Wortox main i am happy to hear i can now keep even more souls er uh i mean spiders in my pocket.
  3. What is the bug? I have only fought CC once on release so i'm unaware.
  4. This fight is very easy with Wolfgang and proper equipment. For phase 3 just save yourself the hassle and spam 40 blowdarts while buffed with spicy volt jelly, it will be over before you know it. If anyone is struggling here's what i used as Wolfgang: Heals - 1 garlic jellybean, 5 pierogi, 20 blue caps Weapons - 2 thulsite clubs, 40 blowdarts (for phase 3) Armor - 3 thulsite crowns. 3 thulsite armor Phase 1 - Avoid the roll attk and hit 12x after he stops, avoid the AoE, rinse n repeat. Phase 2 - Avoid the spin attk then the following range or melee attk and hit 8x after, rinse n repeat. Phase 3 - Lock on from max distance and spam your 40 darts, tank everything except the sleepy-time AoE Remember to eat jelly and keep your sanity down/ hunger up with blue caps throughout the fight. Also to wait for a new day save before you start, that way you can practice or fail as much as you want without consequence. Edit: Forgot to mention Wendy is OP for the Wagstaff defends during Moonstorm event. If you're having trouble just let Abi handle everything while you focus on finding the correct parts
  5. It's been happening to all worlds on ps4 too no matter what players do. Basically can't play until it's fixed
  6. So i farmed tumbleweeds for about 20-30 hours and only ever got Bishop pawns. Bishop was the only statue i was able to mine and only sketch i obtained. I guess you can only loot each pawn from tumbleweeds after you have received the corresponding sketch prior. I assume this is meant to be a way to get them back if they were stolen or burnt, but doesn't help players like me who had the repaired statues destroyed or the suspicious marble pieces bugged out. I'm still patiently waiting that they will fix this someday, like Klei just please remove the prerequisite for pawns being in the tumbleweed loot table and make them available anytime. they're like a 1% chance anyway it's not like this change will have players opting for tumbleweed farming instead of repairing the statues as the former can take sooo much longer than the latter especially if you use beefalo or Walter to carry the statues. Even walking them over only takes a week in game max, where as farming all three pawns could easily take 10 hours at least unless you were insanely lucky. Just a recap: My shadow pieces are in a Mosaic biome in the middle of a meteor field, i repaired all three statues and left them alone for 1 week to prepare for the fight and wait for the next full moon. When i returned to the shadow pieces the day before a full moon ready to mine them and get the sketches, i discovered that 2/3 statues were destroyed. Nothing was on the ground either no marble, no sketches, no suspicious marble pieces to re-repair them. This is my main world of over 3k days now, a solo world that has never had anyone else join, and i'm on ps4 so i can't use commands. To this day it upsets me that i can't do shadow pieces or fuelweaver, i doubt i will ever make a new world either i have so much time invested in this one a huge megabase and it's almost perfect world gen. It would take me weeks of exploring new worlds to find one even close to this good, believe me i even tried at one point, i have searched over 50 worlds. And remember i'm on ps4 so it takes upwards of 45min to explore each world i can't use map reveal mod i have to use Walter. The only way i have been able to do these fights is on friend's worlds. Sigh. This is not "an attempt to remove the statue system and allow players to skip it by harvesting Tumbleweeds" This is a suggestion for a fix that is desperately needed for some players as i'm not the only one it has happened to. My main world of over 3k days is ruined by a bug and i want it fixed. You realize that carrying the marble pieces and repairing them doesn't take long even if you walk them over it only takes about a week in game at max. Where as farming tumbleweeds for all three pawns would take significantly longer as they have a 0.1% chance to drop. I spent 20-30 hours farming tumbleweeds and only ever got 6 Bishop pawns so yea it's not ideal at all. My point is that this suggested fix wouldn't have players opting for tumbleweed farming. Nobody would ever choose to farm tumbleweeds for the three pawns instead of just repairing the statues with suspicious marble. This suggested fix would only be a backup for players like me who had the shadow pieces bug out, forever preventing them from doing shadow pieces and fuelweaver. It's a simple fix at that, literally all they have to do is remove the prerequisite for pawn pieces becoming available in the tumbleweed loot table.
  7. I was was hunting for vargs recently and couldn't find a single track all day so this makes sense. Turns out it was because i had a few Koalefants in my world already from previous hunts. Thanks for the post, until it's fixed i at least know how to work around it.
  8. Here they are turning yellow instead of light blue while in the half frozen state. I set them on the ground away from any heat/cold source for 1-2min to cause them to turn from white to yellow, then placed them back near the endothermic fire to see if it would fix the visual bug. And here they are being placed back into the fridge yellow, and turning white again. Take notice that none of them lost any durability, so you know that i didn't warm them up at any point.
  9. Cold thermal stones don't display the correct color since the Troubled Waters update. When placed in a fridge or by an endothermic fire for a long time they appear white instead of the frozen blue look. And sometimes when only half frozen (light blue color normally) they appear yellow as if they are warm instead of light blue. Edit: This happens in every season except spring.
  10. Thank you i wasn't aware that they are renewable! If any admin catch this post please set it to closed as the issue is resolved.
  11. I just used woody's goose form to re explore my ocean to find the new seaweed enemies added in Troubled Waters and i only have a few. I also did the same in my friends old world and he has none at all. We never received a retrofitting sequence for this update either.
  12. I play ps4 DST so it wasn't a bug caused by mods, this happened on my solo server so nobody griefed it then carried the head/nose away, and i have no problem with the statue system so i wouldn't want it skipped by harvesting tumbleweeds. Harvesting tumbleweeds would be way slower as they have a 0.1% chance of spawning pawns so it would be a huge time investment compared to just tossing a saddle on a beef and transporting them in 1-2 days or carrying the marble pieces alone to the statues and repairing them in 3-4 days time. I'm just reporting what happened to me, this was my first world past 100 days and i'm upset i can't do the last two boss fights. I don't believe i made any mistakes, and again i'm not even 100% certain it was meteors as i wasn't there when it happened. My statues are in a meteor field, I repaired the statues, left for a week to do other stuff and wait for a new moon, when i returned just before the new moon i found the Rook and Knight statues destroyed with missing marble pieces, the Bishop was the only one intact and it was also just outside of meteor range. All of this lead me to believe that it was meteors that caused it. In my world meteors happen even if i am on the other side of the map, so maybe the bug is that when meteors hit a repaired statue and you're not in the area they don't drop the suspicious marble pieces as intended? Can you please try to reproduce this once more, only this time have the meteors hit the repaired statues while you aren't in the area? Because this happened while i was at camp on the other side of the map, not when i was in the zone. Please and thank you i just want to figure this out. Can you try this again, only don't be in the area when the meteors hit the repaired statue? Because for me this all happened while i was in camp on the other side of the map, not while i was in the area. I repaired then, spent a week at camp killing time/ waiting for a new moon, then returned the day before a new moon ready to mine them that night and get my sketches, only to find the statues broken and marble pieces missing. Maybe the bug is that when meteors hit a repaired statue while you aren't in the area they won't drop the marble piece? So if i understand from your testing, when a meteor hits a repaired statue it is meant to drop the marble piece next to it. This would mean that the bug is: My marble pieces didn't drop after the statues were hit by meteors. Possibly due to me not being there when it happened, or possibly it's just a bug on ps4 not pc. I play ps4 DST so it wasn't a bug caused by mods, this happened on my solo server so nobody griefed it then carried the head/nose away. And i wouldn't want it skipped by harvesting tumbleweeds. Harvesting tumbleweeds would be way slower as they have a 0.1% chance of spawning pawns so it would be a huge time investment compared to just tossing a saddle on a beef and transporting them in 1-2 days or carrying the marble pieces alone to the statues and repairing them in 3-4 days time. I simply suggested that fix off the top of my head as it's the only way i can see this problem getting resolved.
  13. I repaired the statues with the suspicious marble pieces, waited a week for a new moon so i could mine them for the sketches, yet when i returned on the day before a new moon the statues were already back to their destroyed state and the suspicious marble pieces were gone. No sketches were on the ground either. The area was also littered with boulders as my statues were in the middle of the meteor shower range. I'm on ps4 btw so i now have no way of obtaining the sketches for the shadow clockwork fight or doing fuelweaver. I rolled back far as i could yet the statues were still destroyed. I play solo so no other players could of mined them. Any ideas? Is it possible that the sketches were also destroyed by the meteors during the shower? I have tried farming tumbleweeds yet so far no luck. If it's not possible for meteors to destroy repaired statue heads (even though i'm fairly certain that's what happened) then what other event could of happened that destroyed the repaired statues while i was away? There are a few tree guards nearby that spawned from meteors destroying trees so could they have destroyed them? Or is it possible that after i repaired them the game glitched and reverted them back to their destroyed state and removed the suspicious marble pieces from the world?