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  1. That's a pretty **** way to go about teasing new content and only results in disappointment. If you're going to surprise us then do just that relase something without notice, don't lead us on to expect one thing only to deliver something we couldn't care less about. Let's see how this "more useless ocean content" update is received 1-2 weeks from now. The way i see it the new biome is ocean filler no different in practice from the 1500 seat rocks scattered about. Oh right forgot about the 64bit version. Yea that's what people will remember this update for, not the water trees.
  2. It seems more so like they're just attempting to fill up empty ocean space for the heck of it, without providing players any incentive to actually sail and go there. New doesn't mean better. Why would i plant giant trees around the coast (can't even plant them on land) for protection from firers when we already have flingomatics/ oasis/ caves? I never had an issue with boat leaks just craft a stack of patches and you're set for life. Auto twig farms meh i guess we have to wait and see what it's like first, but if that's the only takeaway i will still be disappointed. Only new loot we got is for some underwhelming crockpot alternatives, only 1 of which seems worth it to even make. Also how is the new biome "Chill" exactly? Unless they meant "cool" which is misleading asf and entirely subjective. That's a massive stretch and if it is the case it's misleading and subjective.
  3. I don't understand the point of this update. We sail to a new biome just for twigs and grass, something we can already get on land easier and faster. The trees protect from rain and overheating but we can't plant them on land and we already have eyebrellas / lighning rods and themal stones for that. Why would anyone boat base in the new biome when they can spend summers at oasis or in caves instead. I just don't see a reason why i would go to the new biome more than once to check it out. :/ I love new content but if there's no incentive to go there then wtf...
  4. They said something about a new ice island would be next update. All we got so far is some water trees for resources we can already get much faster and easier on land. I'm assuming this is just pt1 of the update and the actual meaningful content is coming later?
  5. These are great i love the idea behind Wortox merging his concept art with the mutated hound look. Looking forward to seeing more
  6. So it's been a full year and this bug still hasn't been fixed I still play the world, i mean you don't put 2k days into your first long term world just to give up because you can't fight Fuelweaver. If anything me not starting over is a testament to how great the game is and how much content it has to offer. At this point it's quite unique anyway due to it being made in early 2019 and having all the content post retrofitted in. Still though it saddens me that Klei won't address this issue in some way. What the game desperately needs is an alternative way to start the Shadow Pieces fight, in the event that you cannot repair the clockwork statues. I still strongly believe that the easiest and best solution to these issues regarding missing or glitched suspicious marble pieces would be to simply add the Rook, Knight, and Bishop Trinkets into the tumbleweed loot table indefinitely. The fact that you need to first obtain the statue sketch (Which people who have these issues cannot do) for the corresponding trinket to appear in the tumbleweed loot table defeats the purpose honestly. If i already have the sketch why do i need a Trinket trade with PK for a duplicate? And if i never even had the sketch due to Shadow piece bugs, i literally cannot get the Trinket i need to trade with PK for the sketch. It's maddening. Shadow Pieces and by extension Fuelweaver is very important content, and the fact that it's entirely dependent on 3 suspicious marble pieces (which have many associated bugs and in general are easy to grief) is a massive oversight imo. I once met a player with a 1500 day world who had one of his suspicious marbles dropped into a section of water that couldn't be reached via Pinchin' Winch, ultimately locking him out of those two fights. His story and mine are just two examples of why this needs to be addressed. Klei for the love of your game and hardcore players like me please just add the Knight Rook and Bishop Trinkets into the tumbleweed's loot table permanently. The drop % is already like 0.01% so players who aren't in this rare situation like myself will still chose to set up the Shadow Pieces fight the normal way. Nobody would ever prefer to get the 3 Trinkets from tumbleweeds instead as it's very time consuming, this change would simply be for those with bugged Shadow piece setpieces/ bugged or griefed suspicious marble pieces. If you fix this i'll spend $100 on chests. JK i already have spent twice that in my years playing simply because i love the game and the cosmetics for base decoration. Jokes aside please fix this i know that not many people are in my situation it must be such a small % of the playerbase that you have probably ignored it for more important stuff, but it would literally mean the world to me. I won't stop playing this world or this game for many years to come so i will never give up hope that this will one day be fixed. At least you're on PC you can just use commands to spawn them in. I'm on console version meaning unless this is actually fixed in some way i will never be able to progress and defeat those two bosses. Do you have any idea how tedious it is to dupe Thulsite via Dragonfly kills and (de)construction items for 4k days lol. Beyond the actual content and how fun the fights are i just wish i could reset my ruins
  7. Sorry i misunderstood i didn't realize this was Webber only. Thanks!
  8. Solid ideas. Ik people opt to just let the king starve and cycle through them with 2-3 nearby houses but even that becomes tedious having to feed a new king every 4 days just for stats, to the point where people only spawn a king for the merm guards or to fight a boss. A massive feature of her character only gets used situationally which sucks. Trinkets should stay there's some neat ones and it doesn't really cut into the loot table you still get tons of spots n kelp n stuff. Love the idea of a character exclusive fish stack pack I didn't mind the incentive to sail for kelp, better than the prior fish requirement for crafting. Or alternatively if the fish packet was added they could remove kelp from the recipe and revert to the old fish requirement, which would no longer be an issue because she can stack them! That is after all why the recipe change from fish to kelp was made. I agree on this the most, either remove the need for disguise once King is made or up the crafting cost and remove it's freshness durability. That would keep her from becoming a pick n switch i guess. While other chars could use merms to gather, it would still require a disguise meaning only Wurt could effectively use merms to fight. Also night vision lol. Maybe it's only available in buffed form while King is alive? Or requires giving a specific item to King that can only be obtained from ruins or ocean content? Something to essentially time gate the feature would balance it yea or no?
  9. The recent Webber refresh introduced a new mechanic allowing players to shave spider nests to reduce the nest tier level by 1 per shave. ie: shave a T3 nest down to T2 instead of destroying and replanting it, thus saving time and resources. However, i do not have the option to shave nests.
  10. Personally Wx is the easiest to play because of gears he feels OP. Just clear ruins once a year (walk in the park for him) as you would normally and you can live off gears for ever. They're like a selfish version of souls just without the invent cap. I'm not pushing night vision much tbh, it's more so that i just want to see Wurt refreshed even though she most likely never will be. And i'm un creative so the idea of night vision was more so just a jumping off point for this topic. I agree with you though in a few ways, the more i play Webber the more i like these changes especially since the bug fixes today. Wurt and Webber just come off as the type of char that would work best in a group of their own kind. Taking over the swamp/world with nothing but Webbers and Merms sounds like fun!
  11. At this point we have items that completely remove that mechanic anyway, why not let merm girls have intrinsic night vision perk? let's be honest she doesn't appeal to many players anyway, she's more of a gimmick character like Webber. Huh sort of like building Moggles on day 1? Yea we already have multiple items that completely negate the darkness mechanic. If it was implemented it would obvs require a trade-off of sorts, such as not being able to equip head armor. At that point it would simply be intrinsic moggles for 1 character nobody even plays really. Are, are you trying to say that WX and Wolfgang are balanced? Weird i have never seen anyone try to minimize this aspect. "outside of the ruins" or "without outside character help" naw you're just splitting hairs at that point for the sake of your argument. It doesn't matter how you look at it characters such as Wortox Wendy WX and Wolfgang are busted OP. Giving Wurt night vision aka free moggles pales in comparison to what the others are capable of. Wortox and WX can literally survive for ever without eating any foods just souls and gears which never spoil and are easily/infinitely renewable. While Wolf and Wendy can cheese every enemy in the game, Wolf requiring resources and Wendy requiring game knowledge of certain tech/strats. As a player with 2500 hours (not bragging just assuring experience) and someone who has played every character extensively, i see no major impact with Wurt having night vision as that game mechanic becomes trivial after your first few hours of playing DST. The only people who would rely on it as a crutch are beginners, but Wurt is a DLC character anyway so... Wurt deserves some love at least, even if not this. Out of the 3 DLC chars she is underwhelming. Wormwood has an (on avg) higher speed boost than Wolfgang that's also cheaper to maintain 24/7 and at reduced hunger drain. Wortox has souls, essentially unlimited gears in "spirit form" that can even AoE others. What selling point does Wurt have as a DLC character? I mean actual selling point not just what can she do. She needs something, anything. I'm not creative so night vision is just a spitball idea, not about to die on that hill.
  12. I don't understand why they won't implement it. We already have moggles they could just apply that to Wurt and maybe change the filter. In all honesty, would not being hit from Charlie at night be THAT big of an advantage? For new players maybe but that's more reason to play Wurt. If anything Wurt could use a flashy perk like that it would encourage more people to play as her other than just being the vegan merm master. And considering Wurt is a DLC character that would just more reason for people to buy/weave her = more money for Klei. We have characters like Wortox WX78 and Wolfgang after all so i don't think "balance" is the reason that Wurt doesn't have it. Webber on the other hand should NOT have night vision because irl while having 8 eyes they generally can't see well in the darkness. I would love to see Wurt get an unofficial rework like how Wormwood did in the RWYS update. Please Klei <3