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Polluted Water Offgassing - Is it supposed to evaporate and if so at what rate?

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I apologize I've spent the last hour or more trying to search for this and I just cant find anything definitive so I'm seeking assistance. If I missed a thread sorry in advance for the new post and thanks in advance for linking it.


This play through I decided to use a polluted water offgassing/deodorizer system to take care of my O2 needs. It's not a bottled system or a compression system (although I'm not opposed to these kinds of set ups), I just built a big room dug all my p water into it and set up the deodorizers on mesh tiles with water in them on top.


I've noticed now a few hundred cycles later that my p water level is dropping fast.

Should my p water actually be evaporating/have it mass reduced as it is off-gasing? I've read conflicting reports on different forum posts but they're also many years old.

If this is intended do we know the rate?

Are there ways to avoid this (stacking bottles or infinite store-ish set ups)?

Is this just a bug (as the p O2 spawns it's deleting the mass of the p water tile it replaces)?

If so are there ways to avoid this? Would it be as simple as putting my p water in a box of airflow tiles to prevent the p O2 spawning in the same tile and deleting the p water?

Did some other action I took reduce the mass of the p water (I had pacu and pufts living in my tank for a while)?


Thanks again!


(Added the following shots to illustrate, the water was originally to the mesh tiles.)




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You can preserve polluted water puddles if you put a thin layer of water on top. That stops off-gasing. Polluted water off-gasing in a room with a few bubbles of CO2 moving around, can create overpressurized  polluted oxygen rooms (sometimes there are such rooms in slime biomes). Or just store polluted water in liquid reservoirs.

I think there are multiple ways to utilize off-gasing to your benefit, either by bottling or thin layers with deodorizers on top (but if I'm understanding it correctly, you want to avoid that?)

Pufts "eat" polluted oxygen so it could be why your polluted water reduced quicker

Edit: Did you check the Claymator v3 topic?

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45 minutes ago, sakura_sk said:

Edit: Did you check the Claymator v3 topic?

Thank you!!!!

I missed the v3 thread and there is a discussion about exactly this topic (offgassing does reduce the mass of the p water).

In the interim I also did a very crude test in sandbox and confirmed the same thing over 30 cycles. I'll try to have this tread closed now since this topic is already covered by some people way better at this game than I am.






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