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So I thought I found a potent, simple infinite light bug.

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[Edit: Nevermind. I should've tested it more; the tools disappear after a relog. So it's only useful for 24/7 servers and even then the tools will disappear after each retrofitting]

I'll report this to the Bug Tracker, so enjoy this while it lasts, but here goes my easy infinite light:

What you need: Access to Moonstorms, lots and lots of rope (the more ropes, the more light), Bundling Wrap, a way to defend Wagstaff effortlessly

Step 1: Start the Wagstaff-Miniquest.
Step 2: While you're defending Wagstaff, find a way for the Birds to never reach him (other players, Bunnymen or quite simply statue-walls). 
Step 3: Collect his tools. When you got four of them, wrap them up. He'll spawn more. 
Step 4: Open your wraps; the tools won't despawn now and Wagstaff will keep spawning more.
Step 5: Repeat 3-4 until your ropes run out.
Step 6: Place the tools wherever you want illumination. If you want to increase the tools light-radius, drop many tools in the same spot in stacks of one.


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41 minutes ago, Hornete said:

Apparently the tools disappear on relog, a friend told me this. So it's not really that useful.

Ah jeez you're absolutely right!
Forget what I've said then everyone. Much obliged haha

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