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Hatch Elevator

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In op-post 3 doors used to elevate hatch for 5 cells, SamLogan solution use 3 doors to elevate creature for 3 cells (or 4?). Anyway, elevate creature with door lock illegal. I reported to greenpeace.

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Nvm this set up, i did a new one.


Thanks to slame Logan, i build a new one and test it for 300 cycles.

This set up has no downside and accessible early one.

- Its a combinaison of Or, Filter and Note Gate.

- Weight Plate ensure no hatch are stuck in door 

- 4th Floor act as a garrison for incoming hatch and hatchling

- All other floor follow same rules, a hatch come in, choose an available path  and fill empty stable one after the next, if all are full and there are atleast 6 hatch on garrison, the slaughterhouse path open.

I tryed door elevator too, but it didnt worked at all :ambivalence: Maybe bc of Dlc.


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