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Hibearnation Vest Deserves HIGHER durability!

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Currently, the hibearnation vest has 7 days of max durability. This is extremely low. The only clothing items with lower durability is the straw hat and earmuffs' 5 days of durability, and the umbrella's 6 days. These 3 clothing items are extremely cheap and minimal clothing items. Cheap enough that you just craft a new one when it breaks. As opposed to the hibearnation vest requiring bearger's thick fur. The other 240 insulation body clothing item is the puffy vest, which has 15 days of durability. More than double that of the bearger vest. A sewing kit always restores 5 days of durability. But with the hibearnation vest, you have just 2 days of leeway before you permanently destroy a boss drop item.

I just wanted to get this out there, and I'll mention it again once the next QoL update is on it's way.

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Personally the upkeep of tools, hats, armor, and clothing in general is too high if you're playing for the long game, having some way to extend the durability of equipment and repair them with reasonable effort would be great, like how Minecraft has enchantments and mending to repair gear.

The game already has a great foundation with nightmare fuel, you could make the archives be a place to learn recipes to craft structures or get enchantments to place on equipment, and requiring the use of nightmare fuel to .. well fuel all this, it would add another layer to the gameplay.

Right now i have just disabled most durability on clothing items so i can focus on building bases and farming.

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1 hour ago, Owlrus said:


I don't think it would be unreasonable if it's lifetime were increased to be a multiple of 5 such as 10 days; not too big a change, but a bit easier to manage in the long run.


Yes I was thinking 10 days too. I would definitely be happy with that.

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