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Favorite Character and Why?

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What characters do you love to play? This includes DST and DS. 

1. WX78- I love WX78 not only because they can have the highest health, not only because they can have the highest Sanity, but also because of their whole “humanity sucks, robot is better” mood. This is my go-to character whenever I play DST or DS, and having to consume gears is only like a bump in the road, as long as I keep thinking about the 400 health I’ll have if I just do some ruins-rushing.

2. Wortox- Wortox has a major mechanic- teleportation. This makes them great. Worth the money, 10/10, lots of fun.

3. Webber- Webber is a fan favorite and for a good reason: Spiders! Having minions to do your work makesWebber great, although they usually kill me in every DST server I play because they camp spawn with spiders, great character but stop killing me PLEASE!

4.Wolfgang- Big muscles. Big appetite. Crush everything in sight. Great for world domination, just keep eating and you’re an unstoppable force able to tank hits from a bearger if you play your cards right.

Wilson- Basic, but there would be no home without walls. Wilson is great for beginners, and often times I just want to play bare-boned DS. I don’t like Wilson in DST though, I usually use Wortox. 

Wigfrid- Very good for supporting a team of people, the helmet is great and the spear is below average. The anti-vegetarian thing is annoying at times, but as long as there’s meat around there’s a perfect home for a Wigfrid.

Maxwell- I like Maxwell, they’re great for gathering materials with their shadow helpers and their effectiveness in battle is questionable, since they only have 75 health.  

Woodie- Woodie is Canadian. This obviously means they are a bearded woodcutter with an ax for a wife, like all Canadians. (Such as myself) Not to mention their werebeaver, weregoose, and weremoose transformations, that are helpful for mining, exploring, and fighting, respectively. 

Walani- They’re only in DS as of now, if they were in DST they’d be right above Wilson. It’s just Wilson but for water. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Willow- Fire is hot, fire is dangerous, but if you ARE the fire then there’s nothing to worry about. In DS they start fires at low sanity, that’s not good, and their teddy bear is good at protecting them. Just Wilson, but not allowed in my base. Ever.

Wickerbottom- Old lady reads books because her grandkids don’t love her enough to visit her. Also she’s trapped in the Constant, very far away from any grandkids if she even has any, and her book smarts let her craft things. Good for an early start, good with WX during later game because of the lighting book, and other than that not much to say. Not too charming to me.

Wormwood- I want to say I like this character. From here on out, I will talk about characters I dislike. I don’t like wormwood because unless you want living logs, there’s nothing special. Food won’t heal you, killing plants kills your sanity too, and you’re a natural farmer. Eh.

Wendy- Weaker punches are a major disadvantage in my opinion, and she is very depressing to play as. I play DST to escape depression, and you’re bringing back dagnabbit. 

Warly- Only useful for a quick character swap, since they can only eat cooked food I already dislike them, since I am often a nomad and I run out of characoal to make cooking pots, since whenever I burn trees everyone gets mad at me because it spreads throughout the entire biome. Their spices are nice, but again, only good for a quick character switch. 

Wagstaff- Old people can’t see very well, ergo he needs glasses that take up your helmet slot, ergo I hate this character. He has eating problems, so no uncooked food, and his inventions are only useful in Hamlet. I’m very glad they’re only in DS. 

Wes- If you want to live in hell, go right ahead. If you don’t, then do not play Wes. Kill all Wes. Don’t let them in your base or on your team. They will constantly die and use up food. Ugh.

Any characters I didn’t mention I have forgotten about, so they probably weren’t too great to play in my opinion. I have no input for them. I’d love to read your opinions, so please comment on this post. See ya.

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I actually don't have favorites but i'll say I like Wilson the most

Wilson because he's as default as a character can get! And he also has some cool looking skins.

I usually don't play as other characters because they either have a game breaking or annoying mechanic, or simply a mechanic that makes you worse at game ( Eg. I almost forgot how to kite after playing as Wigfrid for a long time ).

P.S. Its nice to see someone making topics in the Singleplayer Fourms. (People usually post topics in the DST fourms)


...Love the Gorge

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Yohoho! whenever i play shipwrecked i choose good ol' Peg Legged Woodlegs. He's just so much fun! even taking into account the fact that you really have to manage his sanity more so than with other characters, his design, 

In dst i vary greatly, but wortox is really fun! and i also love warly

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Wilson is my ol' reliable. I started the game with him, and I rely on him to show me the way of any new journey (DLC). He's my sweet nutty professor and balanced, despite his glorious winter beard.  


My favorites are Wickerbottom and WX. I love Wickerbottom being a little snooty and shunning certain things, and I love WX being a silly and campy robot-human. I also enjoy that their weaknesses are early game challenges, so I have to work harder to get what I need to survive and reach their benefits. It makes me not only work against the game mechanics, but also to overcome them as specific characters. 



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In DST there's four characters I will most often be swapping between on a regular basis,

  • Woodie cause he's the strongest character in a general sense, able to approach every part of the game with an advantage. In particular his gathering & exploration abilities are second to none.
  • Winona cause cheese is the bees knees. Or more accurately, the way to cut off the bee's knees. Her crafting speed bonus is also fantastic when doing large-scale basing projects, such as making 200 units of cobblestone for that cross-map road.
  • Warly cause his unique recipes are so interesting & powerful. Agriculture is really strong now, and Warly is the character best suited to make use of the overabundance of veg.
  • Walter cause Klaus is a stupid boss that deserves to be cheesed.

In DS I haven't tried all the characters yet but these one's I've enjoyed the most,

  • Wickerbottom cause not having to rebuild science machines is a godsend for Shipwrecked, Hamlet, and when swapping between worlds. Her massive sanity pool is also a huge plus, especially since Bananas & Ice are so generally available in Shipwrecked & Hamlet. I'm over 300 days into my current playthrough of Shipwrecked and haven't felt the need to craft a single book either, which is a sign of a good character since she's so deep.
  • Wagstaff cause his generation of bonus resources is very significant, especially in Hamlet. He's not as compelling as Wicker, but if I was starting in Hamlet he'd be my first choice.

Characters I haven't really enjoyed for one reason or another,

  • Wilson cause he's boring. Character choice is one of the most meaningful in the game, especially in DS since you can't swap. Why would I ever choose white bread when the asiago bagel of Warly beckons?
  • Abigail cause she feels super weak compared to other characters. Woodie's better at killing masses of mobs (and can do better against certain bosses using the same mechanic), Willow & Wicker have better/more interesting sanity mechanics, and she's just straight up weaker than any other character in a direct fight other than Wes. I do need to try her in Hamlet, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Willow cause the fire mechanics in DS are far too aggressive. I often find that I'm either destroying otherwise useful resources or I'm unable to properly use Willow's mechanics. Bernie is a nice upgrade in DST, and Willow's early game can be a lot of fun, but the downside of not working with Enlightenment is a big deal for a player like myself that prefers to base on the Lunar Island in Winter.
  • Wurt cause Merms are a pain to manage & develop and veganism is too big of a downside. It's so difficult to produce actually useful food pre-agriculture, and even then your best options are usually the second best compared with other characters. She's really held back by not being able to eat Jelly Salad & Veggie Burgers in particular, two recipes which have completely changed the way I approach the game with other characters (Veggie Burgers > Peirogi fight me).
  • WX cause he doesn't feel like a Don't Starve character, he feels like somebody's mod. No other character in the game gets permanent upgrades. No other character consumes a non-renewable resource (at least non-renewable pre-major boss fights) denying that resource to the rest of the team. No other character in the game has such a forgiving time not starving.
  • Wormwood only in Don't Starve. Wormwood benefitted so much from the Reap What You Sow update it's kind of silly. Namely, being able to overproduce sanity food so you can actually chop down trees like any other character. Alternatively I can always swap to Woodie or Warly for a season and not worry about it. I tried playing Wormwood in Shipwrecked and it was just miserable. Sanity always on the edge of collapse, constantly being lit on fire, not being able to use Blooming properly. I should try him out in Hamlet, but I'm not sure my perspective will shift dramatically.
  • Webber cause he's a terrible team player and doesn't have enough unique stuff going for him to justify ******* over everyone else. I *might* try him in singleplayer, but his downside of having friendly mobs turn hostile is just too much. Plus then I'd lose out on the bedazzler.

Characters I would like to try more of/haven't played properly,

  • Wolfgang in conjunction with Warly. This is a unique power combo that really pushes the edge of what is fair in DST, so I'd love to give it a spin in solo and see how far I can push things just by character swapping.
  • Maxwell cause everyone seems to really like him. Didn't really give me a strong impression when I played him for the first time, but I'd like to try him again under the newer updates or in singleplayer.
  • Wortox cause I didn't rush the ruins when I first played him. That seems to be what this character is built to do, and it would be pretty cool to approach Bee Queen armed in Thulecite before first winter. He can't be played like other characters on the surface mostly because there's too many little mobs that die all the time, over generating souls and killing your sanity.
  • Walani, Wheeler, Wilba, & Woodlegs cause I haven't unlocked them yet
  • Wilbur cause I just unlocked him yesterday.
  • Wes cause Wes is Best.
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