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  1. Thanks for replying! I think you are pretty right But would still say that the Reap What You Sow update, the year of the beefalo and the character reworks add tons of quality of life changes that i've been craving since it was added in DST, some things should be added to the game even if not all of the DST content ( this all is/was personal opinion ). Unfortunely the content is too big for even a mod And yes I agree Klei should do the bugfixes And you say that DST is "sequel of sorts" but a sequel isn't complete without a beginning which is Don't Starve singleplayer And Congratulations for your 1000 day world it looks awesome!
  2. Hello Guys! The only problem with my mod is to add work modifiers and the extra healing to "oneat" function respectively. Thanks for any help and replies you send! And add the things you would like Klei or at least modders should add in Dont Starve singleplayer https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/127188-things-ds-singleplayers-would-like-to-see/ And English is not my native language so forgive any mistakes.
  3. Hello Guys! Klei recently released 2021 roadmap and I thought what things should be ported from DST to DS singleplayer ( Personal Opinions ) after all Klei didn't even take a look at Don't Starve singleplayer because they were to busy adding content to DST 1. The Reap What You Sow farming Update: It adds tons of new content to the game which should have been added a long time ago and it makes more sense. IMO It is a update Klei has released in Years! 2. Character Reworks: the character reworks Klei has added in DST are amazing For example, the Warly character rework (especially Volt Goat Chaud-Froid ) and the Wendy character rework 3. New Bosses: Why not ? there is a lot of things Klei could add like Bee queen or Toadstool , the Toad would be nice as an endgame boss and Klei could add that it would spawn in one of the three cave of DS/ROG forcing players to explore all the caves in the world 4. Better Ocean: Even if not giving all of the content like Lunar island or Crabby Hermit it would be still nice to build things on the Water/Ocean via the DST boats and maybe boat bridges OR Klei could add a option to merge ROG and Shipwrecked so that we would get a world with a mainland of ROG and the ocean would be of Shipwrecked so that we can make SW boats and Sea-base for a downside Klei could add that you won't be able to travel to orignal Shipwrecked only to Hamlet ( But I would want ROG seasons in the world ) 5. Klaus: He is one of my Favorite boss in the game he is the most rewarding raid boss to fight, there are many people who don't like to travel to Hamlet just for the boss drops ( me included ) 6. New crops/Crockpot recipies: Again it should be added with the reap what you sow update for DS Singleplayer ( New crops are onion,garlic,pepper,toma root,potato,etc. ) 7.Oasis: Yes I want a entire biome because it is the best location for a megabase in the entire game ,no smouldering! What more does a Megabaser want? I didn't wanted this post to be too long but there are many Quality of Life changes I would want to see in DS singleplayer DLCs And what are your opinions/the things you want Klei to add this year! And English isn't my native language so forgive me for any mistakes