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  1. Yes, It would be great idea to do this. The only things i want to be ported to Singleplayer are:- Reap What You Sow update, Character Reworks/Refresh, and Klaus (and the bugfixs) These all will greatly benefit DS and Klei (as it will draw more players to the game). Even if the game is old or it's (storywise) sequel is released. If you mine through the fourms you will definitely find out that people prefer Singleplayer over the Together version of the game for various reasons, this is enough reason for Klei to keep updating DS Singleplayer. ...Unnatural
  2. Thanks for replying! Firstly thanks for making this Game in the first place Klei. I know you guys haven't got that much resources/time but all i mean to say that DS hasn't got any attention lately where DST gets weakly updates it's just upsetting, and the situation for DS would be much better if it gets some bugfixs just every 3-6 months and even some content updates could drag more players to this game. And sorry to bother you. Yes, I would like to know that too. The Forge and Gorge would be nice in singleplayer, but as Shipwrecked and Hamlet didn't get ported to DST it seems justified that DST got those DLCs And the decade anniversary would be great too! Klei if possible just port the character reworks, RWYS, and Klaus for this anniversary update Please.
  3. I actually don't have favorites but i'll say I like Wilson the most Wilson because he's as default as a character can get! And he also has some cool looking skins. I usually don't play as other characters because they either have a game breaking or annoying mechanic, or simply a mechanic that makes you worse at game ( Eg. I almost forgot how to kite after playing as Wigfrid for a long time ). P.S. Its nice to see someone making topics in the Singleplayer Fourms. (People usually post topics in the DST fourms) ...Love the Gorge
  4. I do know enough LUA to make my custom mod And the thing that you asked, I just opened the mapscreen.lua in the game files and edited this (written below in the quote) And it worked! Or the other thing I tried to do is completely remove the 'SetPause(...)' by adding '--' in front of them and it works the same. I just have two questions 1. How do I add/enable my custom mapscreen.lua file in my mod and 2. What are the game files in DST that make it so that things in unloaded areas do not get updated automatically in the map.
  5. Klei will, it's just a matter of time :D. For now you can use the mods mentioned in the topic below \/ especially the first one if you are concerned about bugs rather than balances. ...Love the Gorge
  6. Use the name instead ! By using @________ ( and the name instead of __ , Plz ) If you still want to know they/them or he/him
  7. Many people might have given these reasons but I post these again anyway ( I will edit these to add/remove anything ) 1. Lack of friends, I wouldn't have started gaming if I had friends and I don't feel comfortable playing with complete strangers. 2. Dlcs and a lot of content, just like how @Combustiblemon said different Dlcs give you different experience which DST cannot offer you. 3. Characters, DS has a lot of cool characters no need to say anything else. 4. Mega base potential, what? I love a nice tropical mega base (destroy nature to live in it :P) and atleast Klei gave the Home Sea Home update even if it doesn't have much I still love my sea bases. 5. No Lag, well even with all three Dlcs I have less lag than a DST world with caves. 6. Not Real-time 7. Awesome mods, especially the DST skins mod 8. Armor Stacking Mechanic, later in the game the bosses feel like a annoyance I just wear a night armor+thulicite crown and tank them. And Klei Plz update DS and atleast give the bugfixs and character reworks Plz! EDIT:-( The character rework idea is just my personal opinion because I like the way how characters were changed it DST, this also happens to be the answer to the post below \/ ) And I also accept that DS exclusive characters should not be in DST or vice-versa. ( mostly because each time Klei adds a DS char to DST they give it some sort of awesome rework which just makes me upset ) ...Love the Gorge
  8. I understand that but mostly only modrators see these, not the actual devs. And they haven't been working on DS so ummm...... (puts me thinking) And i don't understand why they are not working on DS. If Klei actually wanted DS can be made far better than DST it already has the content, it just needs the QoLs and Bugfixes.
  9. Hey Everyone! As the title says, does Klei even reads these Topics we post or are these just a waste our time? And if Klei reads these, does it mean that Klei is intentionally ignoring our pleads for Bugfixs/Content updates for DS Singleplayer? EDIT:- I actually mean singleplayer fourms not the DST ones. ...Love the Gorge
  10. Idea for Klei to implement, because Klei won't add Ancient Fuelweaver in DS ( The lore is just another excuse ) so you or any modder can add that something like the Wes Setpiece will spawn in the ruins and that there is a complete Teleportato instead of Wes there. Once you try to turn on the teleportato the same challenge will start when you try to save Wes (Waves of clockworks) and once the challenge is completed the Ruins will regenerate itself.
  11. False Hope ( for Updates ) I don't decline that Klei wouldn't/shouldn't update DS. They should, it's their game and I don't talk only about bugfixs I am talking about content updates too! @Sunset Skye It's really common, you can still see when Hamlet got released and updates paused for a while in DST many players called that Klei has killed DST and will work on DS only ( that's not the case is it? ) Anyways, you can use the mods described in this Thread for bugfixs ( I use them myself and would highly recommend these). Thanks to @WainingWabbits for finding/making these! And thanks for @SpoonyBardIV for making this topic. ...Love the Gorge
  12. Why wouldn't we? DST gets weakly updates and Superb Character refresh/reworks which should be added to DS Singleplayer ( Klei recently added WES CHARACTER REFRESH! ) Damn! Can't believe it, why wouldn't Klei add the Qols changes, character reworks and RWYS for DS singleplayer ? I know Klei earns a lot of money from DST but if you own DS and all its DLCs congrats! you have paid for game ( almost ) twice as DST that doesn't even get any updates! And I can't have that,.its unbelievable!
  13. If all these content ( reap what you sow, quick drop, repeated crafting, other Qol change) gets added to DS Singleplayer then I'd say that waiting this long was worth it ( last content update for the game was in 2019) .
  14. As the title says is it possible to make a mod that merges some of the content from RoG and Shipwrecked. So that we get a world that is almost same as RoG but with the waters of Shipwrecked. And would be the mod simple like just adding 'require' and or a lot of coding to do like making a complete 'Modworldgen'? I did some data mining and found the main files that could make this project possible these are (there could be some files that I missed) 1. water.lua 2. watergen.lua 3. water_content.lua 4. water_boon.lua 5. oceanfog.lua 6. And the Texture and other misc. files And if it is possible to make this mod is it possible to make islands and maybe add that Quacken can still spawn? Making it much like in DST, like it has crabby hermit's and lunar island. Anyone who is intrested, there is a mod called "Shipwrecked & More" in the Steam Workshop , but it's worldgen is different from what I want as it uses the Shipwrecked's worldgen rather than that of RoG's. EDIT: If someone one is making this kind of mod or some is interested in this, plz I would love to help you make the mod!