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  1. What characters do you love to play? This includes DST and DS. 1. WX78- I love WX78 not only because they can have the highest health, not only because they can have the highest Sanity, but also because of their whole “humanity sucks, robot is better” mood. This is my go-to character whenever I play DST or DS, and having to consume gears is only like a bump in the road, as long as I keep thinking about the 400 health I’ll have if I just do some ruins-rushing. 2. Wortox- Wortox has a major mechanic- teleportation. This makes them great. Worth the money, 10/10, lots of fun. 3. Webber- Webber is a fan favorite and for a good reason: Spiders! Having minions to do your work makesWebber great, although they usually kill me in every DST server I play because they camp spawn with spiders, great character but stop killing me PLEASE! 4.Wolfgang- Big muscles. Big appetite. Crush everything in sight. Great for world domination, just keep eating and you’re an unstoppable force able to tank hits from a bearger if you play your cards right. Wilson- Basic, but there would be no home without walls. Wilson is great for beginners, and often times I just want to play bare-boned DS. I don’t like Wilson in DST though, I usually use Wortox. Wigfrid- Very good for supporting a team of people, the helmet is great and the spear is below average. The anti-vegetarian thing is annoying at times, but as long as there’s meat around there’s a perfect home for a Wigfrid. Maxwell- I like Maxwell, they’re great for gathering materials with their shadow helpers and their effectiveness in battle is questionable, since they only have 75 health. Woodie- Woodie is Canadian. This obviously means they are a bearded woodcutter with an ax for a wife, like all Canadians. (Such as myself) Not to mention their werebeaver, weregoose, and weremoose transformations, that are helpful for mining, exploring, and fighting, respectively. Walani- They’re only in DS as of now, if they were in DST they’d be right above Wilson. It’s just Wilson but for water. Nothing more, nothing less. Willow- Fire is hot, fire is dangerous, but if you ARE the fire then there’s nothing to worry about. In DS they start fires at low sanity, that’s not good, and their teddy bear is good at protecting them. Just Wilson, but not allowed in my base. Ever. Wickerbottom- Old lady reads books because her grandkids don’t love her enough to visit her. Also she’s trapped in the Constant, very far away from any grandkids if she even has any, and her book smarts let her craft things. Good for an early start, good with WX during later game because of the lighting book, and other than that not much to say. Not too charming to me. Wormwood- I want to say I like this character. From here on out, I will talk about characters I dislike. I don’t like wormwood because unless you want living logs, there’s nothing special. Food won’t heal you, killing plants kills your sanity too, and you’re a natural farmer. Eh. Wendy- Weaker punches are a major disadvantage in my opinion, and she is very depressing to play as. I play DST to escape depression, and you’re bringing back dagnabbit. Warly- Only useful for a quick character swap, since they can only eat cooked food I already dislike them, since I am often a nomad and I run out of characoal to make cooking pots, since whenever I burn trees everyone gets mad at me because it spreads throughout the entire biome. Their spices are nice, but again, only good for a quick character switch. Wagstaff- Old people can’t see very well, ergo he needs glasses that take up your helmet slot, ergo I hate this character. He has eating problems, so no uncooked food, and his inventions are only useful in Hamlet. I’m very glad they’re only in DS. Wes- If you want to live in hell, go right ahead. If you don’t, then do not play Wes. Kill all Wes. Don’t let them in your base or on your team. They will constantly die and use up food. Ugh. Any characters I didn’t mention I have forgotten about, so they probably weren’t too great to play in my opinion. I have no input for them. I’d love to read your opinions, so please comment on this post. See ya.