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Dupe cycling from triage to incapacitated

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12 minutes ago, stgo said:

What do you think ?

It seems it is a teeny tiny bit hot where the triage is located...



They seem ok when I relocated the triage



* I just instant built the triage cots. I hope there is enough time to properly build them

The exhaust of rockets still needs a 7-9 deep 3-5 wide space below it to avoid scorching everything (I mean that behavior is the same as on the base game rockets)

There was a bug where incapacitated by HEP (currently called radbolts) couldn't be placed in triage cot but I think that was fixed (or doesn't happen anymore at least)

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15 minutes ago, stgo said:

Ah ok !

I'll design it better next time !

Once I find time I normally extend the space beneath rocket engines...I still need to add +1000 tempshift plates and do much more detail work, my home base is still in the beginning for me at cycle 1000. The more mass = the better temperature spike protection against large scale accidents and experiments ( with rockets, reactors etc. ).

Lots of gas and fluids can also take on a lot of thermal energy :-P Enjoy ONi, wishing a nice weekend @stgo


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