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Starting with my opinion, a challenging gameplay is pretty funny, and this Wes rework just got what i was expecting for his rework. Wes was never meant to be the "very compensating choice" clearly shown by his perks always offering a more harder experience to play with. You don't choose Wes to make things easier or more simple, there's nothing on this character that suggests this. Klei, you rocked on this rework, but there is one flaw: his speedy balloon.

Movement speed is something that really makes the gameplay better. "But wait, didn't you just said harder is better?". Yes, it is, but considering all the "debuffs" Wes got right now, i'd ignore all his other balloons for this one, which compensates basically everything bad from him imo and turns the gameplay a bit funnier. Wes barely has sanity right now, each of those balloons costs -5 sanity and lasts for 2 minutes of decaying efficiency.

So, what about the balloon lasting with 100% efficiency for at least 4 minutes, and start decaying later? Because honestly, it'll only be useful until winter since after walking cane this perk will become useless. This can even work only for Wes, i wouldn't even mind. Can't our massively unlucky mimic boy get at least this little gift? This topic intention isn't to discuss about everything else that happened to Wes, but this ballon specifically, so give me your opinions and let's hope to reach Klei. 

Hope you guys agree, thanks for reading! And please, don't turn that into a confusion. 

Also, feel free to talk about his other balloons if you got something to say!





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I agree with every word! To improve the speed balloon would be to finish the rework perfectly!
I Love everything in this rework just that left something to be desired for me!

(I would even say that only Wes can use it, making it unique for him, but that is my opinion of course)

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10 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

for wes the time is good because he can craft it all the time but if you want to share it with other players is not worth to waste time to go close to a wes for it since it will perish soon 

The balloon has a decaying efficiency becoming useless very, VERY quickly, at the quick cost of sanity Wes barely has, and it's also an early game tool which become useless later on and you can't even craft more when insane, why don't make it more useful? That's my opinion, but thanks for sharing yours. The cost is ok but the usefulness is meh

It's not like a wigfrid that craft a ton of tools that still useful in any moment of the game, you'll only use it for a few moments, make it more compensating

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2 minutes ago, Toriih said:

The balloon has a decaying efficiency becoming useless very, VERY quickly, at the quick cost of sanity Wes barely ha

this is part of the fun but if you are another player that want to explore by his own you wont care about it

i see it more for players that want to be together most of the time before winter

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I said this in other topic but speed balloons should be like jungle speed buff in smite (once picked up last a duration before expiring) 

Wes could be able to craft and leave laying around for others.

The flying away thing can be countered by giving him something that holds them in place.. like Gee idk a anvil or something.. classic Cartoon Mime stuff.

I also want to see something like this on him at some point.




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