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This should be fairly easy to execute. It's a new building locked behind some nuclear research, and yields in something that consumes a certain amount of radbolts and either nuclear waste or corium to produce uranium ore, hence forth making uranium supplies stretchable. Also, dupes should be a little more radiation resistant, if they get permanent damage before they go to the rad asteroid something's wrong. I kinda just want the ability to not have to just vent nuclear waste into space.

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2 hours ago, n_t_p said:

If you're venting nuclear waste you're just playing wrong. It's the most useful material we've been given since petroleum. 

How exactly? Like for radbolt production? I was thinking of ways of, through more steps, turn nuclear waste into something significantly more radioactive, and perhaps even a way to turn nuclear waste and power into radbolts and lead, (not to mention quite a lot of heat). Perhaps a better engine, a better nuclear engine that, at the cost of either fuel or oxygen, can turn uranium into hot oxygen (or hydrogen, sour gas, really any rocket propellant can come out here) and fly away. These rockets might need more radbolts than the current nuclear engines, perhaps with nuclear waste but perhaps not.

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