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  1. Aluminum and pips not being in big terra start is obviously just an early access shortcoming. I'm sure it'll get added eventually. I'm glad we have actual new content to play though, I'd much rather have new content than reiterations of old content.
  2. yeah I was pointing out that since there's no aluminum volcano in base game there shouldn't be one on big terra start
  3. A gas storage, mini pump, vent and gas fitting does the same thing while also providing oxygen. Carbon skimmers in rockets is a bad idea.
  4. Dupes already have a preference in the game in the form of stale food. Stale food past 50% spoiled is worse.
  5. Simple fix, batteries only charge when grounded, and discharge or charge freely when in flight.
  6. To elaborate on this, if you do end up with a situation where you have multiple inputs and outputs you can break it up using bridges. Replacing each split in the line and adding a bridge is a good way to fix problems with resource packets going in the wrong directions or not going where you want them too.
  7. Oh yeah, of course it wouldn't be appropriate for the ocean planet. I was thinking meteorites should be on the magma planet.
  8. This is already in the game. Cooking resets staleness and removes germs. Grubfruit preserves decay much more slowly than other food.
  9. IRL CO2 is used in airtight packaging mostly to displace oxygen, as even sterile foods will go stale in the presence of oxygen. This is the same way that nitrogen packaging works. Most harmful bacterial food contamination will gladly go anaerobic, which means they don't need oxygen or any gas in order to survive.
  10. Corner access was an exploit all along! Who knew. Interesting good changes, I'm curious if it's intentional that vacuum gives the deep freeze buff, since it's just resorting to the default temp of vacuum which was set long ago. I don't think anything else in the game interacts with vacuum in that way.
  11. Again, this perspective is relative. You have the context of what is/isn't intended in the game, how the game is "supposed" to work, etc. Without that context it is not so clear. I didn't think corner access for fetching food and debris was an exploit, and just today update 463187 devs say that it is and fixed it. That's literally what it takes sometimes because the only official thing that we have to go on for what is or is not an exploit is what the devs decide. Everything else is just speculation.
  12. The obvious solution is meteorites. I'd like to see meteorites in the game at some point, even if only on the "hard" planetoids. Barring that I've made another suggestion on a source of space ores, in the form of comet mining: