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  1. Magma does not produce light, but is listed as a "Light emitter" in it's description and the Database. Potentially due to it being opaque and blocking it's own light? Other light emitters also do not actually emit light.
  2. You can't, the materials in the kiln absorb the heat. This is the bug then, yes? Machines shouldn't just produce less heat in a vacuum, they should overheat faster.
  3. Hi, For some reason kilns don't produce nearly as much heat as advertised. It says in the description it produces 20k DTU/s, which should be more than the metal refinery, but in fact the metal refinery outputs it's heat into a liquid, while the kiln's heat comes from the building itself. Buildings count as 1/5 for heat calculations, so the result is 4k DTU/s of output. Please fix by either changing the output to be 5x higher, or change the description to match the actual values produced.
  4. Would archiving the database instead of deleting be viable? I don't know how much storage it takes up, just thought I'd field the idea since I used the site for referencing older saves. I can just make a download of my map's info in the future if long term storage of the whole database isn't an option.
  5. To save processing time and improve data collection clients could be sent a list of missing seeds to work on, with random generation as a fallback option. This is a very clever and effective distributed computing scheme, thank you for making this. I've uploaded a few maps (I think) using the automatic mod
  6. These maps look modded, the given geyser output values are too high and have 100% up time: eyJydWxlcyI6W3sidmFsdWUiOjEsImNvbXBhcmF0b3IiOiJBdExlYXN0Iiwib2JqZWN0IjoiaG90X2h5ZHJvZ2VuIiwidHlwZSI6IlRvdGFsT3V0cHV0IiwiZ3JvdXBJZCI6MCwiaWQiOjB9XSwidHJhaXRzVG9FeGNsdWRlIjpbXSwidHJhaXRzVG9JbmNsdWRlIjpbXX0=