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[Hotfix] - 456651

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Kevin    3926

Hey Grifters,

The release branch has been hotfixed to have all of the recent fixes found in Experimental. We've also improved the performance of the card games, which could get a bit sluggish (and not in the fun Smith way) on slower machines.


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Kevin    3926


  • add more location restrictions to smith_story_beach_party.lua to fix travel bug if you click relly fast
  • Added a nil-check in the "Smashing" daily feat
  • Added an IsActive check in disruptor_field to prevent an infinite loop if the automech dies while the buff is active
  • Added death loot for the Deltrean Diplomat
  • Added Shredmaw and Droad to Rook and Sal brawls
  • Added the mutation card to smith_story_take_a_sample.lua
  • Added the Shredmaw and Droad to daily_boss_rush.lua
  • Adjusted the scaling of all flourish related mettle upgrades so they scale to 1x instead of 1.5x
  • Comedy Club: Fix text showing which cards were upgraded
  • Deltrean Dignitary now gains Counter from their taunt
  • Don't give saved life opinion event if your partner is dead on smith day 3.
  • Exclude Luminari from being targets for side quest: Bounty Hunt.
  • fix bad transition out of smith event if you decline to lick any goo
  • Fix followup quest crash if target is dead in side_smith_sponsorship_deal.lua
  • Fix gaining full flourish amount for attack damage that was partially defended.
  • Fix Oolo hating you for killing his brother even if you left Foolo alive.
  • fix timing of fssh askabouts on day 4
  • Fix tracking of boss defeats on prestige not occurring for certain paired bosses like the Drusk, or the Twins.
  • Fix warning about redundant ambush_Site casting. Fix a random roll that was locked from a previous debug checkin.
  • Fixed bug caused by passing a difficulty level higher than 5 to the MONSTER_MASH combat party
  • Fixed bug where Nadan could summon goons despite being stunned
  • Fixed bug where reloading could change the boss in smith_story_marriage_contract.lua
  • Fixed bug where reloading could change the boss in smith_story_tei_day_3.lua
  • Fixed crash in smith_story_beach_party.lua
  • Fixed incorrect cast member references in smith_story_beach_party.lua when asking Moreef about certain friends
  • Fixed missing battle flags in experiment_smith_final_fight.lua
  • Fixed smith being on the wrong side in side_smith_three_is_a_party.lua
  • give palamborat the plot armour tag, so that he'll only show up at the end
  • Mark the oshnu as wanted_alive in sidejobs/SMITH/side_smith_three_is_a_party
  • minor balance change to the flead queen
  • Muliffee has a better range of opinion events in her final quest
  • Mullifee and theroux will help you against vix if they are at least neutral towards you.
  • Mutant Vix is now mute
  • Oolo and foolo hate you for killing their sibling
  • Reassign pre-determined battlefield graft if it is already owned or otherwise invalid.
  • Regular Vix no longer surrenders after a set number of turns. Increased Vix's panic
  • Revised Rook slide art
  • Slightly reduced Mutant Vix's maximum health
  • The "terror" perk now applies 5 flat morale damage rather than a percentage
  • the zealots now only incept kunais if their zealot_throw attack is not evaded
  • Updated behaviour for Regular Vixmalli fight
  • Updated the boss options in Smith's Brawl since they did not include some of his bosses
  • Validate OnWin/OnSuccess usage. Unfortunately runtime is the best we can do.
  • Vix's lumicytes are now slightly weaker
  • You gain Flourish now for receiving damage, instead of defending damage (which didn't work anyway).
  • your comrades hate you and leave you if you abandon them in side_smith_seemli_triangular_firing_squad




  • Add character music system to support multi theme character convos
  • Add scroll bar if needed to the cards tab of the Compendium
  • Added missing graft icons to the "Buy Graft" options in sal_story_merchants.lua and smith_party_store.lua
  • Adjusted the fighter formation in mutant_vix.lua to prevent overlapping
  • Allow you to preview voices in the compendium using a controller
  • arrange night quips by character / day ( placeholders for now )
  • Avoid superfluous calls to UnitFrame:DoLayout. It is called from FightScreen:DoRender once a frame anyways.
  • Batch NegotiationPanel:RefreshDamagePreview calls
  • Blacklist will have its pre-requisite hilight if the opponent negotiator's name isn't already on the list.
  • Buttons with no right-click functionality shouldn't make sounds when you right click them
  • clear text history and add a little pause after accepting/declining a quest, to improve readability
  • Disable the lore tab in the compendium (at least for now)
  • Don't auto-advance selected advancement when a game is won, it will remain at the last level you selected until you manually change it.
  • Don't show 'playable cards left' warning for Toolbox cards, even if the option is enabled.
  • don't show agents in plaxes that shouldn't show agents, even when doing a force refresh
  • Don't upscale card packs in Big/Bigger UI mode, as they don't fit onscreen.
  • Fade directly from combat to GameOver presentation when completing brawl.
  • fix (??) for character music resuming after being interrupted by other, noncharacter music
  • Fix a crash if the deckscreen filter sidebar is open when the deckscreen is closed (eg. due to upgrading a card)
  • Fix brawl boss icons not showing a tooltip if it is your current node.
  • Fix cards without hit anims from being cleared from the player preview in combat. (This could result in a lingering incorrect previews, such as playing Portable Bunker followed by RPG, which would indicate you are attacking your ally)
  • Fix character mettle tooltip in compendium always stating 0/0.
  • Fix chemist lipsynch
  • Fix damage arrow previews from being rendered beneath core arguments.
  • Fix for bad quest layout, if the todo list has already started updated when its contents is changed. (can happen if multiple quests change at a time)
  • Fix HUD positioning for Mutated Lumicytes.
  • Fix inaccurate Daily Mode tooltip
  • Fix redundant hints in Card Compendium to view card info. Only show (RT).
  • Fix repeating hover sound being triggered when calling TargetArrow:AttachToPosition each frame.
  • Fix restoring default focus to argument if viewing draw/discard deck from Argument Inspection mode.
  • fix robotBoss voice actor
  • Fix string in the compendium when you have beaten a boss as max prestige
  • Fix the gamepad control hints mentioning shills instead of points for various draft options.
  • Fix top screen not refreshing in the FE after ChooseCardsPopup changes overlay status on itself.
  • Fix vix lipsynch
  • Fix y-offset for ChooseCardsInHand panel.
  • Fixed incorrect loc key in smith_story_take_a_sample.lua
  • Fixed innate_instinct using an invalid anim
  • Fixed missing brawl/daily icons for certain bosses
  • Fixed missing celebration anim for Lumin Turrets
  • Fixed missing stage direction in smith_story_take_a_sample.lua
  • Gamepad: Bind (RT) to Fighter Details, instead of (A) to be consistent with viewing card details.
  • Gamepad: CardArrangement, ChooseCardsPanel: Don't show tooltips on focus because they are too opaque. This could be overriden on pc using the [gameplay] card_tooltip_on_focus ini setting.
  • Gamepad: Disable normal menu accept (A) option to draft cards and grafts, to fix accidental picks.
  • Gamepad: Disallow (A) for drafting card packs, as no such hint is shown.
  • Gamepad: Don't show Flourishes hint during enemy turn.
  • Gamepad: Fix targetting arrow sometimes not following focus widget in battle.
  • Gamepad: Handle but don't show (B) Cancel hint when selecting cards in negotiation.
  • Gamepad: Handle but don't show (B) Cancel hint when selecting cards.
  • Gamepad: Map graft draft to (X) so it's consistent with card drafting. Fix 'click' sound playing when pressing (A) even though nothing happens.
  • Gamepad: move Change Wheel to (RT); (LT) toggles between Inspecting arguments and cards, to be symmetric with battle.
  • Gamepad: Remap view draws/discards to LB/RB, inspect to LT/RT, Flourish to RS.
  • Gamepad: Suppress card details hint for CardArrangements, since it conflicts with viewing Discards.
  • Gamepad: Suppress End Turn / Run while inspecting fighters or arguments.
  • Gamepad: suppress show focus on cards in general.
  • Give moreef a sad bonus string in smith's brawl
  • GraftsCompendiumDetailsPopup now shows whether you have seen and installed the graft
  • Hook up happy_call_pet quips
  • hook up new music for mullifee
  • In Bigger ui mode, set focus dir on the small_screen_focus_card so that left/right navigation always works.
  • Initialize gamepad reticule when showing the TravelScreen to the player location.
  • Loadout screen no longer indicates you have perk points to spend if you've unlocked all perks.
  • make question go away after it is asked in dangerous_goods_seller.lua
  • mettle upgrades are presented in a sorted order
  • nil-check source_widget when updating targetting arrows. Not sure how this can happen however, but it seems to be a rare potential crash.
  • only assign default focus when restoring the ChooseCardsPopup in gamepad mode.
  • Only emote "injured" when being removed from an encounter at the end of combat if you are an active speaker (prevents talking animals in rare cases)
  • Play acquired_flourish sound when choosing a Flourish from the popup.
  • play character flourish sounds when you unlock flourish in negotiation
  • play notification sfx with panning
  • Pressing (B) while previewing a card in battle or negotiation will unfocus any currently selected card for easier viewing of the battlefield.
  • refresh music when starting a negotiation, and favour the negotiation music over character music
  • Remove an extra transition to the location screen between negotiating for a boss ally and fighting the boss.
  • Restore last focus when viewing details on card/graft from DraftChoicePopup, PickGraftScreen, and CardShopScreen
  • Roaloch: Fix spelling.
  • Selecting combat/negotiation using gamepad will first invoke the preview panel, and only then engage. This prevents the preview panel from automatically showing up and obscuring dialog.
  • Show cosmic grafts in the compendium
  • ShowToolTipOnFocus for cards in the ChooseCardsPopup and ChooseFlourishPopup.
  • Skip mouse-only hit testing in combat while using gamepad that was causing occasional fighter info popups to appear.
  • Smooth over transitions to the bar after completing brawl side jobs.
  • So. Many. Typos.
  • Suppress (Y) View Hand hint when choosing a card from your hand. On M&B this is the "Hide Panel" button, which still exists, but in M&B you can still tooltip fighters etc. so it has some use. Not so on gamepad.
  • The new game progress widget can be focused via gamepad to show the details tooltip indicating various contributions to character progress.
  • timing fix for opinion event when you betray foolo
  • Triangular Firing Squad: Fix typo, premature stage exit.
  • Unlock the neural_braid in the compendium when you get the upgraded version in event_merchant_startup
  • Use Bloom instead of Tint to indicate Turbo Cursor is activated.




  • Added a mutator that lets you draft two Cosmic grafts at the start of the game
  • Added missing debuff flag for the drone goon's rifle butt attack
  • Added missing upgrade highlight on Boosted Blood Flow
  • Added the Duck! and Center of Attention cards
  • Added unique icon and text colour for the Cosmic grafts
  • Clarified desc of Double Down
  • Fix card text consistency for upgrades to Fan the Hammer.
  • Fix potential crash negotiating vs. Oshnus
  • Fix the Handy perk restoring charges to negotiation item cards.
  • Fixed bug where brain_harp was reducing, not increasing, overflow damage
  • Fixed bug where declining boss grafts didn't grant the correct amount of shills
  • Fixed bug where Doubt could target Levy
  • Fixed bug where Greedy could be targeted by Doubt
  • Fixed bug where pursue was increasing the damage of cards by 4 instead of 2
  • Fixed bug where Sapping Bile blocked its own power removal
  • Fixed bug where Vix's Prickly applied a non-int amount of composure
  • Fixed crash caused by Vix not having any targets to shield
  • Fixed desc of Battle Stein (amount of adrenaline was missing)
  • Fixed missing upgrade highlight for Boosted Refusal
  • Fixed missing upgrade highlight on Wide Do Over
  • Flame Cannon: hilight Burn keyword.
  • Gave the old brawl grafts their own rarity, Cosmic
  • Increased cost of Overdrive and gave it Burnout. Enduring upgrade replaced by Stable.
  • Klipper no longer shows a condition icon
  • Mark Hanbi's Hilt Slam as a debuff.
  • Protect against nil card.threshold value in Card:CalculateThresholdText. This should never be the case (only cards with defined thresholds ever make this call), but mods may tinker with a card's values.
  • Rescind can now be played without renown
  • Shifting Mutation: Fix infinite loop in confront.
  • Shifting Mutation: Fix wrong combat patrol and OnWin specifier when failing negotiation.
  • Weezil's Conditioning now uses its own stacks to show how much more power can be removed




  • Avoid full hand refresh when processing DELTA_ACTION_COUNT, CONDITION_ADDED, CONDITION_REMOVED. It's only necessary for debug commands which modify state outside the normal course of the card sim.
  • clean up cardwidget:SetOutline to do less redundant work
  • don't double-layout tooltip widgets
  • don't refresh new card widgets twice when adding to hand
  • fightscreen can preload defs, which can preload defs
  • Keep fightarrow.tex, negotiationarrow.tex loaded
  • make cardwidget:refreshcard cheaper by not recalculating everything every time
  • Remove potentially superfluous Refresh cards.
  • void_chain preloads the anims for the monster it wants to spawn
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DaZoul    3166
9 hours ago, Kevin said:
Mutant Vix is now mute




With THAT mouth? I have my doubts.

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