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Hey grifters,

Here are some fixes that came up today. Hopefully smith's last day will be a little more stable now :)



  • Shifting Mutation: Fix wrong combat patrol and OnWin specifier when failing negotiation.
  • Fixed missing upgrade highlight on Wide Do Over
  • Gave the old brawl grafts their own rarity, Cosmic
  • Added a mutator that lets you draft two Cosmic grafts at the start of the game
  • Added unique icon and text colour for the Cosmic grafts 
  • Added missing upgrade highlight on Boosted Blood Flow
  • Fixed bug where Sapping Bile blocked its own power removal
  • Fixed bug where Greedy could be targeted by Doubt
  • Fixed crash caused by Vix not having any targets to shield
  • Fix potential crash negotiating vs. Oshnus
  • Protect against nil card.threshold value in Card:CalculateThresholdText.  This should never be the case (only cards with defined thresholds ever make this call), but mods may tinker with a card's values.
  • Shifting Mutation: Fix infinite loop in confront.


  • Fix a crash if the deckscreen filter sidebar is open when the deckscreen is closed (eg. due to upgrading a card)
  • Fix for bad quest layout, if the todo list has already started updated when its contents is changed. (can happen if multiple quests change at a time)
  • Fix restoring default focus to argument if viewing draw/discard deck from Argument Inspection mode.
  • Fix top screen not refreshing in the FE after ChooseCardsPopup changes overlay status on itself.
  • Add scroll bar if needed to the cards tab of the Compendium
  • ShowToolTipOnFocus for cards in the ChooseCardsPopup and ChooseFlourishPopup.
  • Fix character mettle tooltip in compendium always stating 0/0.
  • Fixed incorrect loc key in smith_story_take_a_sample.lua
  • Triangular Firing Squad: Fix typo, premature stage exit.
  • Roaloch: Fix spelling.


  • Fixed incorrect cast member references in smith_story_beach_party.lua when asking Moreef about certain friends
  • Fix warning about redundant ambush_Site casting.  Fix a random roll that was locked from a previous debug checkin.
  • Fixed smith being on the wrong side in side_smith_three_is_a_party.lua
  • Mutant Vix is now mute
  • Comedy Club: Fix text showing which cards were upgraded
  • Reassign pre-determined battlefield graft if it is already owned or otherwise invalid.
  • Fixed bug caused by passing a difficulty level higher than 5 to the MONSTER_MASH combat party
  • Fixed crash in smith_story_beach_party.lua
  • Validate OnWin/OnSuccess usage.  Unfortunately runtime is the best we can do.

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Kevin listen, serious question. When you get the event with Smith finding Oshnu and choose to ignore his request. Will Oshnu:

a) have random chance to either abandon you or stay with you

b) the event in which he abandonds you triggers at specific time and it won't happen if your Oshnu isn't with you (Oshnu is staying in Smiths room)

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