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RageLeague    1487
33 minutes ago, Kevin said:


  • Exclude Luminari from being targets for side quest: Bounty Hunt.


Why screw Luminari in particular? Is it because they hard counter sal's bleed deck?

In that case, that seems to be a problem with metallic, because it hard counters an entire archetype. Perhaps instead of causing metallic enemies to be immune to bleed(and maybe wound), it instead cause all stacks of bleed(and maybe wound) to be removed at the end of their turn. Robots and drones don't necessarily bleed blood. They can bleed oil, or spark, or whatever.

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qwerjk    6

In Smith's day 4 ,there is a new proper noun "The Roloach"

And I seem to have seen a similar noun "The Roaloch"--A remote archipelago (and biomass) where cures and diseases are spawned alike.

So, is it a spelling mistake?

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