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[Game Update] - 454437

Release Date: 03/04/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

As mentioned in today's new roadmap, we're getting the game ready for launch, so we have to start locking things down. That means that this will be a very long experimental phase, and the changes are going to start slowing down in a week or so. We need to get the game into a "release candidate" state, and then stop touching it so the ports and and translations can catch up. 

The good news is that we are now devoted entirely to squashing those bugs! Keep smashing that f8 button when you see things go wrong, and we'll make this game shine!

Oh, and Smith's whole story is playable on experimental now, from start to finish. So, there's that.



  • Enable the smith finale!!!!
  • add more location restrictions to smith_story_beach_party.lua to fix travel bug if you click relly fast
  • fix bad transition out of smith event if you decline to lick any goo
  • Added Shredmaw and Droad to Rook and Sal brawls
  • Updated the boss options in Smith's Brawl since they did not include some of his bosses
  • Added the Shredmaw and Droad to daily_boss_rush.lua
  • Exclude Luminari from being targets for side quest: Bounty Hunt.
  • minor balance change to the flead queen
  • Fix tracking of boss defeats on prestige not occurring for certain paired bosses like the Drusk, or the Twins.
  • Vix's lumicytes are now slightly weaker
  • Regular Vix no longer surrenders after a set number of turns. Increased Vix's panic
  • Updated behaviour for Regular Vixmalli fight
  • Fixed missing battle flags in experiment_smith_final_fight.lua
  • Slightly reduced Mutant Vix's maximum health
  • Added the mutation card to smith_story_take_a_sample.lua
  • Added death loot for the Deltrean Diplomat
  • every merchant visits every morning in brawls
  • Slightly reduced the cost of getting two charge chambers in oppo_gun_show.lua
  • Significantly reduce the cost of hiring help in Brawl.


  • Fixed bug where Doubt could target Levy
  • Fixed desc of Battle Stein (amount of adrenaline was missing)
  • Replaced Pale Blood Flow with Boosted Blood Flow
  • Coin Juggler now scales correctly with stacks
  • Reworked Brut's Bat
  • Claimed By Hesh only stacks up to 6 stacks
  • Fixed unintended interaction with non-attack sources using ApplyPersuasion against targets with no resolve
  • Fixed bug where Sapping Bile would still allow power removal, granting negative power


  • arrange night quips by character / day ( placeholders for now )
  • Fixed missing brawl/daily icons for certain bosses
  • Disable the lore tab in the compendium (at least for now)
  • don't show agents in plaxes that shouldn't show agents, even when doing a force refresh
  • clear text history and add a little pause after accepting/declining a quest, to improve readability
  • Skip mouse-only hit testing in combat while using gamepad that was causing occasional fighter info popups to appear.
  • Fix the gamepad control hints mentioning shills instead of points for various draft options.
  • Fix inaccurate Daily Mode tooltip
  • Add character music system to support multi theme character convos
  • Fix chemist lipsynch
  • Fix vix lipsynch
  • Fixed missing stage direction in smith_story_take_a_sample.lua
  • The new game progress widget can be focused via gamepad to show the details tooltip indicating various contributions to character progress.
  • GraftsCompendiumDetailsPopup now shows whether you have seen and installed the graft 
  • Don't auto-advance selected advancement when a game is won, it will remain at the last level you selected until you manually change it.
  • play character flourish sounds when you unlock flourish in negotiation
  • Fixed missing celebration anim for Lumin Turrets

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