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Gherkin's 3D Modelling Thread

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(WIP) I've been making a 3D model of Wilson for a while now, probably gonna do WX or Wortox next. Here's the progress on Wilson as of now, this is my first proper model I've made so yea

if i get it figured out, i'll try to release it for public use somewhere




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10 hours ago, minespatch said:


Hope these help.

that'll definitely help with the hair, it's really hard to get right. thank you for your help :))

alright so does anyone have a clue what i should do for the mouth? giving wilson an actual mouth would look creepy, and giving him kind of a mouth but not really would just look weird because there's not many characters actually drawn with lips

i might have to just draw it on with texturing eugh

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he's got ears and eyes now, made the head a lot more accurate to the games, and just did other tedious things like giving him little lines under his eyes (which im probably gonna smooth out and draw some darker stuff on it with texture painting, if i can even figure that out)

my style (both in drawings and 3d artwork) tends to be more gritty and semi-realistic, and has a lot of details, so this model is really hard for me right now

it's trying to be cartoony like the references but my brain is like "no you're not allowed, now make more detail" so i'm still not even sure a 2d mouth would look good, and the eyes are painful

then again i can just force myself into dont starve's artstyle by making 500 wilson heads until i can figure out what i'm doing


alright im gonna work on the hair now, wish me luck

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